The Oklahoma City Thunder has reached its capacity for full-season tickets. We have created the True Blue Club as a means to help interested fans reserve their spot in line for full-season tickets when they become available. If you are already a full Season Ticket Member, this is your opportunity to add seats or refer a friend or family member who is interested in becoming a Season Ticket Member.

Apply online to be in the True Blue Club

The Basics

  • An initial payment of $100 per seat is required to join.
  • You may request to purchase a maximum of four (4) season tickets per True Blue Club account.
  • All monies paid towards the True Blue Club (including renewal fees) will be applied towards your eventual season ticket purchase.
  • You own your position in the True Blue Club.
  • Your position in the True Blue Club membership cannot be sold or transferred.

Joining the True Blue Club

To apply to become a future full Season Ticket Member, you must submit an application by online form, phone or mail. After your application has been processed, a Thunder representative will contact you.

Apply online to be in the True Blue Club

Phone: 405.208.HOOP
Mail: Oklahoma City Thunder
True Blue Club
208 Thunder Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

True Blue Club Q & A

Is there a cost to join the True Blue Club? Yes, there is an initial cost of $100 per full-season ticket to be paid with your initial application. Additionally, there is a $50 per account yearly renewal fee to remain in the True Blue Club.

What happens to the money paid into my account? The initial fees and renewal fees you pay on your True Blue Club account will be applied towards your purchase of new full-season tickets.

Why do I have to pay to get on the list? A small fee is required to join the True Blue Club to confirm your interest in purchasing full-season tickets. It also acts as an initial deposit toward the final purchase of full-season tickets.

Can I make a specific seating request? Due to limitations in available inventory, specific seating requests are not allowed. More than likely, when available, seats will be in Love's Loud City.

When will I be contacted regarding season tickets? Selected members will be contacted in the spring, once available inventory has been identified. However, from time to time, True Blue Club members could be contacted at any time throughout the year should seats become available. You will be called by a Thunder representative who will provide available options to you.

Can I get a refund at any point? Once you are officially in the True Blue Club, any funds paid toward the True Blue Club are nonrefundable.

When I am selected, can I purchase more or fewer season tickets than I originally selected? You can purchase a lesser number of season tickets upon selection, but not more.

How do I change my account information? You may change your email and phone numbers by contacting your personal Thunder account manager via email or by phone.

Can I change the name on my account? Names cannot be changed on your account.

How soon will I get season tickets? It depends on your position in the True Blue Club and the renewal rate for current Season Ticket Members.

Should I join the True Blue Club if I already own season tickets and want to add season tickets to my account? Yes, you can join the True Blue Club to add season tickets as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of six (6) tickets per account. Should tickets become available following the annual Thunder Relocation and Upgrade Event (TRUE), True Blue Club members will be contacted based on their priority number.

For more information, please call 405.208.HOOP


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