Best part of being a Thunder Girl:
The opportunity to dance with such amazing dancers and building relationships with different individuals in the process. I am very humble for getting the chance to learn and grow as not only a dancer, but as a person.

Talk about the first time you started dancing:
The first time I started dancing was when I was about four years old. I put on shows for everyone in my family and neighborhood, which they claim to have loved.

In three words, describe yourself:
Sweet, caring and enthusiastic

Thing about Thunder fans that impresses you most:

Their dedication to their state, city, and team!! They support the organization with all of their hearts and are reliable when it comes to games as well as in the community with Thunder.

Something Thunder fans may not know about you:
My love for winter sports! I love traveling to Colorado to ski and snowboard.

One day to do whatever you want, it would be:
It would consist of sleeping in and waking up to a big breakfast, being active outdoors, having ice cream, and watching romance comedy movies.

Quirky Habit(s):
I always have to have my finger nails painted!

Biggest Fear: Most definitely heights! I have been trying to conquer my fear by putting myself in situations where I am forced to face the fear.

One goal you want to accomplish in your life:
graduating from college by 2016 as a Business Administration/Pre-Law major.

Advice to young aspiring dancers:
Never quit! Even when discouragement comes your way. Anything is possible and no dream is unattainable!


Music Genre: Country and Pop

Dancing Song: "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj

Hobbies: Dancing, snowboarding and Skiing and being a College student

Clothing Item/Accessory: Earrings

Phone App: Spotify

Vacation Spot: The mountains in Colorado.

Movie: "Now You See Me"

TV Show/Series: "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "Say Yes to the Dress"

Cartoon Character: Ariel

Holiday: Christmas

Guilty Pleasure Food: Ice Cream

Words to live by/favorite quote (with author/source): "Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who wait, and the best things come to those who don't give up." -Unknown

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