Best part of being a Thunder Girl:
Performing in front of our amazing fans. We have the best fans in the NBA!

Talk about the first time you started dancing:
I started dancing when I was 3 years old. My first dance class was ballet and I remember how much I loved going to class and wearing pretty dance attire!

In three words, describe yourself:
Creative, funny and friendly

Thing about Thunder fans that impresses you most:

The Thunder fans are so supportive and genuinely love and care about this team so much!

Something Thunder fans may not know about you:
Thunder fans probably don't know that I use to be a magician's assistant at a theme park, right here in Oklahoma City

One day to do whatever you want, it would be:
Sleep in and relax

Quirky Habit(s):
I whistle really loud all day long!

Biggest Fear: I am REALLY afraid of heights

One goal you want to accomplish in your life:
I really want to prepare a whole Thanksgiving Day meal by myself

Advice to young aspiring dancers:
Really push yourself to be better in all of your dance classes, listen to your teachers/instructors and believe in yourself


Music Genre: R and B and Pop

Dancing Song: Anything Beyoncé

Hobbies: Cooking and writing

Clothing Item/Accessory: My mood ring

Phone App: Instagram and My Fitness Pal

Vacation Spot: Anywhere with a beach

Movie: "The Wizard of Oz"

TV Show/Series: "The Voice

Cartoon Character: Minnie Mouse

Holiday: Christmas

Guilty Pleasure Food: Frozen Yogurt with gummy worms

Words to live by/favorite quote (with author/source): "In life, you get what you put in. Everything comes back around."

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