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NBA basketball is so intense, so emotional that it is easy to forget the players are human beings, too. They binge-watch shows and movies like the rest of us; they also crave junk food and have specific items they must have with them at all times. This series is aimed to reveal the person in the jersey we love to support.

lighter side
Darius Bazley: “Definitely Pop Tarts, Double Stuffed Oreos and Honey Buns are all three on there. When we were in Vegas for Summer League, I had a problem. After every game, in the lobby I'd grab three packs of Oreos, go to my room, eat those and just chill. I don't regret it at all. Those were probably the best Oreos I ever had.”

Deonte Burton: “Cheetos and pizza. Everything else I don't really care for.”

Chris Paul: “Once upon a time, it was oatmeal cream pies. But I'll tell you what my favorite food is that I can't say no to: french fries!”

Dennis Schroder: “I eat candy. Gummy worms, but from Germany, Trolli is the brand.”

Andre Roberson: “I'm vegan now so. I mean, Pop Tarts are vegan, Oreos are vegan. Yeah, you guys didn't know that, did you? They're made with Soy.”

Terrance Ferguson: “Obviously the pizza. I love candy, I'm never going to stop eating the candy, so I'm going to go with the Starbursts and the Flaming Puffs.”

Danilo Gallinari:“I love pizza. I can't live without pizza.”

Hamidou Diallo: “Sour Power Straws.”

Mike Muscala: “Sweets, all kinds of ice cream.”

Pop Tarts are vegan, Oreos are vegan. Yeah, you guys didn't know that, did you?

Andre Roberson, Vegan
Abdel Nader: “Pizza is my kryptonite for sure. I just get cheese to be honest.”

Nerlens Noel: “Definitely ice cream for me. I don't do chips. Pop Tarts I gave those up. Ice cream and dairy.”

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: “Candy. Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. I love it.”

Steven Adams: “This chocolate from New Zealand, it's so good. I know because I'm a countryman I'm hyping it up, but everyone I've given it to, flames. It's Whittaker's Chocolate.”


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