NBA basketball is so intense, so emotional that it is easy to forget the players are human beings, too. They binge-watch shows and movies like the rest of us; they also crave junk food and have specific items they must have with them at all times. This series is aimed to reveal the person in the jersey we love to support.

lighter side
Chris Paul: “I just went plant based back in June. So, a whole lot has changed, just trying to eat cleaner, always trying to find different ways to gain an edge. It's funny, you actually have to eat somewhat better in the off-season than you have to do in-season. Especially as you get older. In-season, you're playing so much; you're running, you're burning those calories. In the off-season is when you really need to dial in on your diet, because you're not getting that cardio.”

Steven Adams: “Off-season is a bit more strict I feel because you're not playing. When you're in-season, you can eat whatever you want because the amount of games you're playing, you're playing every single day. So you can really eat whatever you want. But off-season, you can't do that, you know what I mean? Just ’cause the amount you're burning, but that's just for me.”

Andre Roberson: “In-season is a little more strict, it's pretty much same, though. The first couple weeks to a month (in the off-season) I let myself eat whatever and then work myself back into shape from there. ’Cause you know, in-season you got a very strict diet, almost eating like a rabbit. Putting the right nutrition in your body, making sure you recover.”

Dennis Schröder: “When I'm in Germany, I just eat all the places I know and miss during the season. They’re not bad, it's just different because when I'm here I don't know really what to eat. Vapiano, they have a couple of locations in that state, but it doesn’t taste the same. So they got Italian food, pasta, even pizza, salads, they got everything. I eat that every day when I'm in the off-season. It's kind of different. In-season here, I still eat pasta, not too much, less of everything else.”

Danillo Gallinari: “In season I can eat everything and not gain weight. In the off-season, if I eat the same way, it's a problem. So I eat lighter. Less carbs and even protein sometimes is salad and fruits.”

Terrance Ferguson: “It depends what part of the off-season. At the beginning of the off-season is pizza, pizza, pizza, some wings, some burgers, all of that. In-season I try and go to the chefs more often and try and have a balanced plate. I'm not gonna lie, I will sneak something in though. I'm still a young cat.”

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: “My off-season diet has a lot more candy in it for certain periods of time.”

Hamidou Diallo: “They're very different. In-season, I try and eat a little more healthy and off-season I just eat whatever. In-season, little more greens; off-season, a little more cake.”

At the beginning of the off-season is pizza, pizza, pizza.

Terrance Ferguson
Nerlens Noel: “I try to not let it differentiate too much, but the off-season is what it is. Sometimes you don't have to wake up at 9 a'clock sharp. So the ice cream and sweets late night, I try and stay away from it, but everybody knows.”

Abdel Nader: “It's the same pretty much.”

Darius Bazley: "They're kind of the same ’cause my off-season was basically for a whole year. So I had to cut out foods and start eating the right stuff. I'm not saying I eat perfect, but pretty much the same."

Deonte Burton: “I eat what I want. I was on a diet, quote on quote, but it was just I didn't eat fried food and I started eating grilled chicken a lot. My off-season and in-season diet is probably the same for the most part. In-season, I might eat more fried foods than the off-season.”

Mike Muscala: “Ice cream in the summer. I love ice cream. I also love pizza. During the season I try and do a lot more recovery and less things that are heavy, like no heavy pastas before games.”

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