Summer League Q & A With Reggie Jackson

ORLANDO -- Even though he's already experienced a full NBA season and gone to the NBA Finals, Reggie Jackson is covering new ground during the Summer League in Orlando.

After the first game of Summer League action against the Boston Celtics on Monday, caught up with Jackson, who had plenty to say about getting back on the floor with his Thunder teammates and playing in his very first Summer League action.

Jackson scored a Thunder-high 19 points while running the team's offense and playing tough defense at the point guard position. After seeing action in 45 games during the regular season, he had the opportunity to learn from guards Russell Westbrook and Derek Fisher during the Thunder's postseason run. Now, he has the opportunity to continue to grow as a player during this week in Orlando.

On the Thunder’s first summer league game:

It was pretty good, we have to shore up some things on offense and also on defense, but we’re going to get better. Just get better and kind of gel and get to know each other and have fun. Everybody is out here really competing just trying to get better by the day and try to rack up the wins.

On being in attack mode during the game:

Just the last few days I’ve been trying to be aggressive on screen and rolls trying to turn the corner to get everybody else open. Don’t play tentative and it’s just time to have fun and try to get better especially as a young player trying to get better in the league. It’s just something that I’ve had to work on. Coaches have been talking about staying aggressive all the time and that’s something I try to focus on.

On what he wants to work on this week:

Hopefully I just become a well-rounded player, fix some of my flaws and try to minimize some of my deficiencies. This is just a way to get some playing time. It’s good to get your legs moving, get going, try to get your wind up and just have fun. Playing with these guys is great for me and hopefully we become better teammates and just get better.

On being back with his teammates after a few weeks off:

I went home to Colorado Springs. It was terrible. I hate being away from the gym. I felt like I was forced out of there. The coaches wanted me to stay away. I snuck in a few days and shot but didn’t do too much. It was tough being away from these guys and then the fires didn’t really help either. So it hurt, but once we drafted Perry (Jones) I wanted to get around this young talent and just have fun and try to go on this journey together and just be with these guys. I missed them, I wanted to see some of the faces that have come in for summer league and see what we can do this week.

On players like Daequan Cook and Eric Maynor coming to watch Summer League:

I believe that’s a tradition they’ve built here in Oklahoma City. I think you come back, you watch, you want to see what the young players are doing, if you can help once you sit down and talk at dinners, in the hotel rooms. Guys are trying to help me when I was coming to the bench. That’s the kind of teammates we are. It’s a college atmosphere. We all enjoy each other’s presence and being around each other. We’re always trying to help each other get better. I think that is what makes us kind of a unique team and helped us get where we were last year. I think we’re all trying to improve. As one person improves, the whole team improves. You’re only as good as your worst guys, so that’s why I believe they come back and try to help us learn quickly.

NOTE: Check back later today for the game recap for the Thunder's second Summer League contest, against the Indiana Pacers. Tipoff is at noon Central time, and will air live on NBA-TV. Nick Gallo will also be hosting a live in-game chat.