Thunder Dedicates New Court in OKC

Nestled at the end of a long, winding road in Oklahoma City’s Adventure District, the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma found the home of their new camp ­– Camp Trivera. The camp sits on 17 acres of land complete with a zipline and a state-of-the-art STEM Center of Excellence.

Immediately upon entry through the large, black gates of the facility, the glimmer of shiny, unused basketball rims catches the eye. Set against the dark green backdrop of woods and trees, a freshly painted bright blue basketball court greets each Girl Scout as she enters the camp. On Friday, the Thunder and Devon Energy unveiled their contribution to the beautiful new camp site ­– a brand-new basketball court.

“I look at this (court) and I almost cried because it's gorgeous and it's state of the art, and there's nets on the basketball rims,” said Shannon Evers, CEO at Girls Scouts of Western Oklahoma. “People don't really realize a lot of kids in Oklahoma City and throughout our council don't actually have access to a basketball court that is this high quality and so colorful and fun and welcoming.”

“Girl Scouts are future leaders,” said Christina Rehkop, Director of Community Relations at Devon Energy. “Camp Trivera is a very cool camp and the Girl Scouts are going to love coming here and it just made sense to put in a beautiful basketball court with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The girls are going to love being able to play out here and I’m sure they’ll make a lot of memories.”

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The court will serve as more than just a place to lace up and shoot hoops. For future STEM leaders in the community, the court will also serve as an astronomy pad where girls can look up at the stars and learn about outer space. Bailey Krajnik, who is entering into her 10th year as a Girl Scout, listed off a few more potential uses for the court.

“All kinds of fun things,” she smiled. “New activities like water balloon fights, basketball, new adventures and meeting new friends.”

Above all, the court will be another spot on the 44-acre parcel of land that breeds empowerment within each and every young woman and girl to walk through its gates.

“We’re really excited to have this court to empower and inspire young girls and women to be active and live a healthy lifestyle,” said Erin Oldfield, Director of Community Relations at the Thunder.

“Our girls love the Thunder and it will mean a lot to them,” Evers said. “I think when we invest in them, it makes them feel special, it makes them feel like they can do anything and when they can do anything, our world can change.”