7th- & 8th-GRADE TEACHERS:

Turn your classroom into a Thunder StatLab!

Challenge your students with monthly Thunder-themed activities focused on statistics.

Allow students to learn the importance of stats through the game of basketball.

Discover Thunder Statlab

Give your students a chance to learn the critical role that statistics play in the world of sports. With the Thunder StatLab, you’ll be able to use Thunder fun to help students expand their knowledge of statistics.

Every month, you’ll have a new activity to use in your classroom. We’ll choose one registered classroom that completes and submits an activity each month to get a special visit from the Thunder. Selected teachers will receive $5,000 worth of technology upgrades for their classrooms and a pair of sneakers for every student.

How it Works


Register your 7th- or 8th-grade classroom.


Download the new StatLab activity every month from this page.


Use the lesson plan to turn your classroom into a Thunder StatLab!

Please Note

  • Program is open to only seventh- and eighth-grade classrooms in Oklahoma
  • Monthly activities are posted October through February
  • Participation each month is encouraged, but not required
  • Prizes are limited to one unique class each month

register your 7th- or 8th-grade classroom

Calculate Shooting Percentages
Activity 3


In this activity for the Thunder StatLab, we are going to learn about assists-to-turnovers ratio (AST/TO). The AST compares the number of assists a player has to the number of turnovers they have. Let’s breakdown the two components in this expression.

Calculate Shooting Percentages
Activity 2


We’re going to start this season learning about points per possession (PPP). PPP explains how efficiently a player or team uses their time with the basketball to score points.

Defensive Rebound Percentages
Activity 1


In this activity, we will learn about individual player “Usage Percentage”, or Usg%. The goal of Usg% is the calculate the percentage of team plays a player was involved in, while he was on the floor.


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