Beat the clock and play the Shot Clock Challenge on the Thunder Mobile App! On Thunder game days below, you will have 90 seconds to make as many baskets as you can. Play as much as you want for 24 hours on game days. Go head-to-head against the Thunder’s opponent and your highest score will be attributed to the overall Thunder team score. You can even practice your shot on off days to keep improving!




Each game session will last 90 seconds, and the score for the session is the sum of the scores for each basket. Making a regular basket is +1 point, making a moneyball basket is +2 points. 

For game sessions played while a game is live, each fan’s highest score contributes to the team’s total score for the game. The team’s score for the game is the average of all individual high scores.

On the day that the Thunder is playing, fans can play the game and contribute to the team’s overall score from midnight to midnight ET. On days the Thunder is not playing, fans can use practice mode to play the game and improve their personal best.

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