Thunder, OG&E and Fans Raise $21,000 for Disaster Relief

OKLAHOMA CITY, Thursday, May 16, 2024 – Thanks to substantial fan participation and a generous match from OG&E, the Thunder 50/50 Raffle presented by OG&E, raised more than $21,000 for disaster relief in Oklahoma communities that were affected by recent severe weather and tornadoes. The funds were equally split between two relief agencies, the American Red Cross of Oklahoma and United Way of South Central Oklahoma.

“When our partners at OG&E asked if there was anything more we could do by working together – our immediate answer was yes,” said Christine Berney, Thunder vice president of Community Engagement. “We also wanted to provide an opportunity for our fans to get involved and they stepped up big time. This raffle represents the most participation and the largest amount raised since we launched the raffle in February - a true testament to the generosity of our fans.” 

The Thunder and OG&E teamed up just a few weeks ago to see how they could extend beyond the contributions that each organization had made to relief agencies and engage fans in helping Oklahomans in need. Through the raffle, fans purchased just over $14,000 in raffle tickets. The total pot was split, with half going to one winner and the other half going to the Thunder Community Foundation for disaster relief. OG&E provided a two-to-one match for the half of the pot earmarked for the community foundation, resulting in a total of $21,135 for disaster relief.

“The American Red Cross is grateful for our partners at Thunder and OG&E,” said Misti McClellan, executive director of the Central and Southwest Oklahoma Chapter for the Red Cross. “We also want to thank Thunder fans for their generous support. This gift will provide hope to so many Oklahomans devastated by the recent tornadoes and help them along their paths to recovery.”

The two relief agencies plan to use the funds for continued critical services such as food and shelter for displaced families and volunteer deployment to affected areas.

“There is so much ahead of us as we work together to recover and rebuild,” said Alicia Henry, United Way of South Central Oklahoma board member. “Thank you, Thunder Nation and OG&E, for your generosity and for supporting your fellow Okies. We sincerely appreciate your donation to help Southern Oklahoma.”

“Helping friends and neighbors after a disaster is who we are as Oklahomans. It's no surprise, then, that Thunder fans overwhelmingly got behind the disaster relief effort,” said Christi Woodworth, OG&E vice president of Marketing and Communications. “We are pleased to triple the disaster relief funds to help with recovery and thankful to the Thunder for creating a way for all of us to help communities rebuild.”

Pictured from left to right: Chris Sandvick, United Way of South Central Oklahoma; Richard DeLano, OG&E; Alicia Henry, United Way of South Central Oklahoma; Kelli Hayward-Walsh, OG&E; Erin Oldfield, Oklahoma City Thunder; Misti McClellan, American Red Cross of Oklahoma; Colleen Mansur, American Red Cross of Oklahoma; and Hunter Harris, American Red Cross of Oklahoma