A Note About Dish Network

If you are wondering why Thunder games are not being shown on DISH Network, here is the reason.

DISH removed all FOX Sports Network programming from its satellite service as the result of unsuccessful contract negotiations between FOX and DISH.

Until an agreement can be reached, FOX Sports Oklahoma and Thunder games will not appear on DISH Network. It is a situation beyond the Thunder’s control and it impacts all college and professional sports carried by FOX Sports regional networks nationwide. DISH customers will miss Thunder Basketball, college football from the Big 12 and Pac-10 and all other programming that FOX Sports Oklahoma has to offer.

There ARE alternatives if you are a DISH customer. This situation does NOT affect COX, DirecTV, U-verse or any other provider. Those providers are making great offers for customers who switch. If you need to find a new provider OR need additional information on the situation, you can call 1-877-99-I-PAID (877-994-7243), send email or visit www.GetWhatIPaidFor.com.