What Movies or TV Shows Are You Binge-Watching?

NBA basketball is so intense, so emotional that it is easy to forget the players are human beings, too. They binge-watch shows and movies like the rest of us; they also crave junk food and have specific items they must have with them at all times. This series is aimed to reveal the person in the jersey we love to support.

lighter side

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: I'm starting to get into “The Office” and “Top Boy.”

Chris Paul: I watch a lot of TV shows and stuff. “Power” obviously, right now. I just finished a show called “Money Heist.” Now I'm watching “Succession.” I watch Billions.” Man, I watch everything.

Hamidou Diallo: “Power,” “Wu-Tang” and a little bit of “Snowfall.”

Darius Bazley: “All American” is back on, but I'm an old-school-kind-of-guy, so at night I watch “Martin,” “Living Single.” I have all seasons of “Martin,” “Fresh Prince,” “The Cosby Show”; “Different Strokes” is on Hulu with Mr. Drummond. That's the type of stuff I like. I watch “SpongeBob” here and there.

Danilo Gallinari: “Thirteen”; and I just finished “How to Get Away With Murder.”

Nerlens Noel: The “Wu-Tang Clan” documentary. Very moving, very powerful.

Abdul Nader: I just got done watching this show called “Undone” on Amazon Prime. It's pretty good. And “Power.”

Steven Adams: I'm watching a bunch of animal shows, it's not so much for me, I've already watched them, it's for Sir David Attenborough -- flames by the way, he's the man. My dog watches TV strangely enough. She can identify animals and stuff. So she’s angry at some of them and likes some of them. It's real strange, so that's why I'm watching a ton of Animal Planet at the moment, it's for my dog. Other than that, watching Grandpa's Kitchen on YouTube, search him up.

lighter side

Justin Patton: I watch “Martin” and “Fresh Prince” every single night. I watch “The Office”; I've re-watched that probably like 10 times, every single episode 10 times.

Dennis Schröder: Right now? “24.” It's the best one. I'm right in its fifth season, it's great.

Andre Roberson: I like to watch new movies every time they come out. I got Apple TV, so I'll buy it instead of going to the movies, I'll just watch it at home. TV shows I'm on “Power” right now. I'm more of a movie guy, “Ad Astra.”

Terrance Ferguson: I'm watching “The Andy Griffith Show.” I swear, I'm on Season 5, Episode 23 right now. I've been dedicated to it every day, after practice I go home and turn it on. I used to watch it when I was a kid, but I didn't really understand it, but now that I watch it, it's hilarious. It's so corny but it's hilarious. Like Barney, he's hilarious.

Deonte Burton: I'm on the fifth season of “Pursuit of Happiness.” The show was cancelled like 2017, but it's on Netflix. I love it. I've been binge watching it.

Mike Muscala: I have this problem where I start a show and I either stop watching it or the new season hasn't come out yet so I struggle to get back into it. So I feel like there's seven shows where I've seen three seasons but haven't finished. Right now, I'm not watching anything in particular. I kind of just throw on Netflix and see what's up.


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