STM Profile - Whitney and Greg McFadden

Whitney and Greg McFadden have been Season Ticket Members since the first Thunder season. They share Cox Club Level tickets with the Enos family. The McFaddens say they love the Thunder because of how well the team and the organization fit into Oklahoma City. They appreciate how the team shows a clear dedication to its city and the fans, and they love to see how much the team loves playing on its home court.

They also love the impact that the team has around the globe. “The Thunder has put OKC on the map worldwide,” Whitney said, adding that when the couple travels internationally, they always wear Thunder gear. They will frequently encounter people who don’t speak English, but still point at their Thunder gear and shout “Kevin Durant” or “Oklahoma City Thunder.” They are ecstatic to see how many worldwide fans the Thunder has, adding that it makes them extremely proud to be both Oklahomans and Oklahoma City Thunder fans!

Every time Whitney and Greg attend a game they have their superstitions. Whitney has found that whenever she wears a Thunder hat, the team wins, so she never goes to a game without a Thunder hat. In addition, they both stand the entire game. They believe that their yelling and enthusiasm help the team win, so sitting is not an option to them!

The McFaddens have loved being a part of the Thunder family. They love watching the team evolve every day. They are proud of how grounded, determined, positive, and hard-working the team is, and how much they have become a part of this community. As Whitney said, “If you are not a Thunder fan in this city, then your really don’t get this city!”