STM Profile - The Spurr Family

The Spurr family tells us that they get asked a lot, “Where did you get that hair?” Their reply: "It runs in the family."

It was back in 2008, before the Thunder even had its first win, when the Spurrs' account manager came up to them with a gift of curly blue wigs and asked if the family would be interested in wearing them to build some Thunder spirit. Without hesitation, the family said yes, put the wigs on and, in their words, "never looked back."

Harold and Shireen Spurr, along with sons Richard and Daniel, have been Thunder Season Ticket Members since the first game of the first season. Since then, there has been a Spurr at every home game, cheering on the Thunder and sporting some kind of wild hairstyle.

"As time went on, we noticed more and more fans wearing wigs and dressing up and we were proud to be at the beginning of a tradition," the family wrote. Their hair lengths and styles have changed over time, but they note that one thing has always remained the same: "We want to do whatever it takes to help support the Thunder."

No matter the outcome on the court, this family of fans is always focused on the great experience they have when they come to Chesapeake Energy Arena. "We think that the Thunder organization does an unbelievable job at making sure we have an amazing experience at every game," they said. "From the moment we walk in the arena to the moment we leave, the environment is fun and friendly." They added that they have made "tons of friends who share our passion for the Thunder."

The Spurr family doesn't just show their Thunder pride at home; they've taken their wild wigs on the road, including to Dallas, Portland and even an NBA All-Star Game.

"In the beginning the wigs were just a fun idea," the family stated," but they have become a part of who we are. We know the blue hair genes will be passed down to the future generations of the Spurr family, always doing whatever it takes to support the Oklahoma City Thunder."