Blue Alliance Spotlight - Susie Crockett

How did you get started as a Blue Alliance Captain?

My season ticket account manager called and told me about the Blue Alliance that was forming, and she told me I just HAD to apply to be Mustang's captain. You see, I was already doing things in the community (holding small watch parties and taking friends with me to games) and she knew how much I was a fan of the Thunder. I went right to the website and applied before anyone else had the chance!

What got you hooked on the Thunder?

I have been a basketball fan for years, having played in high school. I am not a football fan, but I love basketball because I feel that it takes real athleticism and quickness and speed to play the game well. We moved to Mustang the same year the Thunder came to OKC, so it just seemed like it was meant to be.

How many members do you have in your Blue Alliance Chapter?

I have 153 members right now. The first year, I think I had 30 and we have grown steadily since then. I hope that, by the end of Playoffs, I'll have more than 200 members. I hope to get the message out that the Blue Alliance is affiliated with the Thunder and it's a great way to meet other fans, share a fun experience and even get some special treats sometimes.

What’s been your favorite moment as a Blue Alliance Captain?

My most memorable experience as a captain has been at a watch party when a child of one of the members came up to me, hugged my legs and said it was the best time he ever had and that he wanted to help me have more parties. I felt like spending the time figuring out games, collecting prizes and keeping the webpage up was all worthwhile. The second most fun time was at the Western Days Parade when the Thunder Drummers came to be with us as we rode on the first fire engine in the parade. Our chapter members loved it and had such a good time. We also had a swimming party and cookout this summer ... Oh, jeez, there have just been too many good times!

What’s your top goal for your chapter this season?

I don't really set goals; I just continue to work steadily and try to do new things and encourage my members to invite others and spread the word. This spring and summer we will do our Mustang Maniacs (our chapter's personal name) Thunder Cares projects of helping the fire department gather toys for their Toys for Santa project (they always run out in the summertime). We also plan to have an adoption fair for the Mustang Animal Shelter. We donate water and snacks for the Mustang firefighters, especially when the wildfires start, and we have donated supplies to the Mustang Animal Shelter. My chapter is very, very community-supported and we, in turn, support our community. As we do positive activities, I hope more people join and enjoy the Thunder with us together as one. Team Is One.

How many pieces of Thunder gear do you own?

I have six pairs of earrings, three necklaces, six pairs of socks, T-shirts too numerous to count - from ones I have purchased to all the Playoff shirts - three sweatshirts, six coats, a scarf (made by a friend), numerous keychains, foam fingers, clappers for games and two banners (one for the Mustang Blue Alliance). I have a yard flag, three large Thunder flags, signed pictures from a few players, autographed drumsticks from the Thunder Drummers, a Rumble the Bison doll given to me by the Thunder staff when I got a tour of the offices and thank-you notes from the staff (they really mean a lot!). My most prized possession is a team-autographed basketball that I got from the second season. My three Boston Terriers have Thunder collars and leashes, my cars have license plates and decals, and I have refrigerator magnets and decals on my windows at home. Nobody doubts that I love my Thunder as the Thunder is well represented in my house!

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