Blue Alliance Spotlight - Joy McPhail

How did you get started as a Blue Alliance Captain?

While looking at the Thunder website I saw the Blue Alliance page. It took me a while to get my courage up to apply for the Crescent captain. I had a friend take a picture of my family decked out in their Thunder gear in our wheat field just before harvest. I submitted that picture along with an essay. I love that picture. It incorporates many things that are important to me; family, land, farming, Oklahoma, and Thunder.

What got you hooked on the Thunder?

I have always been a basketball fan, but not pro. The Thunder came to Oklahoma City and they are such a first class operation and have brought so much to Oklahoma. The players and entire organization conduct themselves and their business with the highest of standards. At my first game I was amazed at the happiness that was in the atmosphere of the arena. Everyone was smiling. And then I was looking around and thinking about the economic impact that was taking place. It is beyond my imagination. And Thunder spans all generations. Our family of fans starts with a 3 year old who cried because the game was over and she had to leave the Thunder and Rumble to the 80+ year old who watches every game on tv.

How many members do you have in your Blue Alliance Chapter?


What’s been your favorite moment as a Blue Alliance Captain?

It's hard to pick one favorite moment. I think getting a close up pic of a smiling Perk at the Blue White Scrimmage could be one, but also connecting with people that I wouldn't normally. I've become friends with people from my community and met other captains. The Thunder make a pretty solid common thread.

What’s your top goal for your chapter this season?

Promote Thunder excitement. I want to have more watch parties and group nights. I would really like to bring Rumble to our school for one of his programs.

How many pieces of Thunder gear do you own?

It's impossible to say. I have a tendency to buy Thunder gear and give it away or my kids "creatively acquire" it. For Christmas I made each of my grand kids a fleece Thunder blanket. Then my adult children whined because they didn't get one. I'm always on the lookout for something Thunder, from jewelry to salt and pepper shakers.

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