Roll Out: Thunder Unveils New Rolling Thunder Book Bus To Promote Literacy All Over Oklahoma

Presented by American Fidelity, the new Book Bus celebrates ability to travel state-wide with upgraded features and technology
OKLAHOMA CITY, March 5, 2021 – The Oklahoma City Thunder today unveiled the brand-new Rolling Thunder Book Bus presented by American Fidelity. The new Rolling Thunder Book Bus will now be equipped to visit communities all over the state whereas the previous bus was limited to the Oklahoma City metro area.
“This is a great day, and we’re so grateful to American Fidelity for their partnership,” said Thunder Vice President of Community Relations Christine Berney. “This new Book Bus allows us to travel statewide, donating books to more children than ever before. We look forward to visiting schools across Oklahoma once we’re able to meet in person again safely.”
“We are excited to partner with the Oklahoma City Thunder to sponsor the Rolling Thunder Book Bus. In the past 12 years, the bus has put thousands of books in the hands of children across the Oklahoma City metro,” said American Fidelity President and COO Jeanette Rice. “Now, we look forward to expanding that program with the new and improved bus that has the capability to not only go farther but also be more inclusive of all children with enhanced accessibility and new video technology.”
To celebrate the expanded traveling abilities of the Rolling Thunder Book Bus, the Thunder will take the bus on its maiden voyage in a series of visits to three cities it has never visited before: Stillwater, Coweta and Owasso. The bus will roll through these communities today to stock Little Free Libraries that serve the surrounding areas with books celebrating female figures in recognition of Women’s History Month. The new bus will be joined by representatives from the Thunder and American Fidelity for its first stop in Stillwater.
The new Book Bus is fully accessible to everyone and includes an ADA compliant ramp. The interior features a replica locker with a jersey, players’ basketball shoes and a basketball. The improved Rolling Thunder Book Bus also contains a technology station, which can be used for video conferencing with Thunder players or virtual learning opportunities. The exterior is equipped with a 75-inch monitor and seating that will allow for extended visits with students.
Over the past 12 years, the team’s first Rolling Thunder Book Bus has traveled roughly 160,000 miles to make 2,325 appearances at various schools, community centers and organizations, and has donated 182,118 books. The Rolling Thunder Book bus will continue to provide books for young readers across the state who may not otherwise have access to reading material.
At this time, the Rolling Thunder Book Bus presented by American Fidelity is not taking visit requests due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the Thunder will continually evaluate the ability to visit schools and community organizations throughout the year.
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