The Anatomy of Fun

Story by Jimmy Do | Photography by Zach Beeker

Jerami Grant was in awe when he cradled Nubbs, a blue-tongued skink lizard measuring at 24 inches long.

Crawling around in his tank, the docile classroom reptile flickered his tongue to greet all newcomers waiting to be picked up and coddled. The friendly creature popped eyes and slacked jaws on sight when Grant along with Steven Adams, Patrick Patterson, Terrance Ferguson and Alex Abrines came by to see the lizard.

On Friday afternoon, the Thunder teammates donned white lab coats to surprise students at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM).

After the initial shock from the classroom settled, the players and the future biologists grabbed their gloves and tweezers for a hands-on zoology lesson.

Jerami Grant holding a blue-tongued skink lizard
Jerami Grant meets Nubbs, the classroom lizard.

Steven Adams

Class is in session.

Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson learns about the external and internal anatomy of the squid.

“When the Thunder is helping you dissect a squid, it's one for the books.”

Cierra Clark, OSSM junior

Terrance Ferguson

Squid goals.

“This gives the kids a chance to get their hands dirty and learn directly. They'll definitely learn from this lecture today.”

Brent Richards, Professor of Biology, OSSM

Watch: Thunder Crashes Science Class



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