Deonte Burton Helps Single Father of Four

By Jimmy Do |

Three full carts clocking in under 15 minutes, the Rios family might have set a new record for the fastest shopping spree with a Thunder player.

On Saturday afternoon, Deonte Burton took a single father of three boys and one girl to stock up on groceries thanks to Homeland.

"I know how it feels to have a big family and how food is rationed," said Burton. "So this is a big deal because they each get to pick what they like."

In charge of the family's grocery trips, little Kaitlyn Rios deployed a divide-and-conquer tactic with her brothers that would make them a formidable team on the classic game show Supermarket Sweep.

Burton was wowed by the efficiency when each kid would return to him with an armful of items to pile in the cart.

"We're shopping fast. Everyone splits up and comes back to the buggy with different things," said Burton.

The Thunder rookie heard about the father's health problems and challenges in providing for his kids. So Burton stepped up to lend a helping hand.

"This means a lot to our family being able to have $500 worth of food is so special," said Kaitlyn. "So having all of this food is so helpful."

To cap off the day, Burton surprised the family with an extra $250 gift card.

Burton: "It feels good just to help others. It's a feeling you can't describe."



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