Thunder Emphasizes Work Ethic at Fit Clinic

Story by Jimmy Do |

Knees bent and eyes fixed on the cone, Abdel Nader squared off with one of the young players during a reaction drill. Both ready to grab the cone first when prompted.

A lighting-quick swipe later, Nader had the cone in hand drawing wows all around with his keen hand-eye coordination and sharp reflexes.

The exercise was part of Wednesday's Thunder Fit Clinic, presented by Homeland.

Nader along with Thunder teammates Scotty Hopson and Richard Solomon stopped by to lead workouts with the Putnam City West High School girls and boys basketball team at the school's gym.

Cheering and clapping, Nader encouraged the participants that rotated his way to keep the energy up for each round.

"Being a basketball role model that went through the steps you're going through, it's great," said Nader. "It builds that confidence in you."

Rounding out the afternoon hoops session, Hopson helped the student athletes develop quicker feet by conducting agility ladder exercises. Meanwhile at the nutrition station, Solomon was met with collective head nods when he talked about food choices for training and game days.

Between the Thunder trio, the message of self-belief and hard work was the refrain as each have their own hoops journey to share for the kids on the court.

Nader: "Always believe in yourself, stick with the hard work and good things will come."

Abdel Nader

Abdel Nader shares laughs with the students after coming away victorious in the reaction drill.

Richard Solomon

"Everybody sees the success, but they don't know the time and effort spent building up to that level," Solomon said. "You gotta stay dedicated, focus on the right things and work extremely hard."

Scotty Hopson

"Continue to follow your dreams as I've been doing," said Hopson. "Things will work out the way it should be. Give it all you got."

Michael Cage

Broadcaster Michael Cage tests his reflexes.




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