Rumble the Bison
In-Bison Appearances


Do you want to have Rumble at your next event? Everyone’s favorite bison is available to be the life of the party! *Ask about our Non-Profit Opportunity!

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Rumble Rally


Want to bring Thunder fun to your school? Rumble Rallies brings the Thunder Experience - and everyone’s favorite mascot - right to your classroom!

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Rumble the Bison


Do you have a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other celebration coming up? Let Rumble deliver your Thunder fan the surprise of their life!

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Rumble the Bison


Do you get nervous being around bison? Let us share Rumble’s fun with you digitally!

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How can we meet Rumble?

Rumble is at every Oklahoma City Thunder home game at Paycom Center. Outside of game days, you can meet Rumble by requesting him for an appearance!

How many appearances does Rumble do a year?

Rumble can receive over 400 requests in a single year! With so many requests, Rumble does his best to attend between 250-300 of the requests each year.

How much does a Rumble appearance cost?

Rumble appearances vary in pricing. Appearances start at a $100 Digital Pre-Recorded Message to a $650 Hour In-Person Appearance. For pricing quotes, you can contact us at

Do you have a Non-Profit Rate?

Yes, we offer a Non-Profit appearance option with a specialized rate. Contact us at for more details.

Does Rumble do appearances on Game Days?

Due to the high demand on game days, Rumble is not able to attend events outside of the arena on home game days during the season.

How long does it take to hear about my request once it’s submitted?

Once you submit your request, you should hear back within 24-48 hours. If you haven’t heard back after (2) days, please contact us at to ensure your request was submitted properly.

How does a request get approved?

There are a lot of factors that we take into consideration when reviewing requests. We filter requests based on date availability and other standards to ensure we’re able to deliver the highest quality appearance for you.

My request was denied, what can I do now?

If your request was denied, we’ll always explain the reasoning. We’ll talk through what you can do in the future for another request as well as offer an alternative to the request if applicable.

My request was approved, what can I do now?

Congratulations! Jump for joy because your favorite bison is headed your way! Once an appearance is approved, Rumble’s Coordinator will be in touch to go over final details and the “next steps”. Just sit back, relax, and daydream about meeting everyone’s bison buddy in the flesh fur soon!

How will Rumble get to my appearance?

Rumble has one of the coolest vehicles in the NBA! He will show up in (or sometimes on top of) his 20ft long Rumble van! Rumor has it you can see it from space! (Don’t fact check that) With his large van, he will need a large space to park, so don’t be surprised when we ask “where can he park it?”

Can Rumble talk?

While Rumble has many unique talents, he hasn’t been able to master the art of speaking. (We’re still working on it.)

If Rumble doesn’t talk, how can we communicate with him at appearances?

While Rumble doesn’t talk, luckily, we taught his handler how to! Rumble will always have an assistant/handler/herder/bison whisperer with him to help communicate his needs as well as your needs during each appearance. So, if you have a question for Rumble, don’t be afraid to ask!

Does Rumble need anything special at appearances?

Rumble may be a high maintenance bison for the Thunder, but for you, he’s pretty low maintenance. If there’s any special needs or requests for an appearance, Rumble’s Coordinator will be in touch prior to your event date to discuss details.

What forms of payment are accepted for Rumble appearances?

We accept multiple forms of payment. Our preferred form is through credit card, however, we also accept cash and check. If paying with a check, we ask that all checks be made payable to “The Professional Basketball Club, LLC”. All fees related to a Rumble appearance must be paid and received by the team prior to the start of the appearance.

I’ve gotten this far and can’t think of anything else to ask. What else do I need to know?

Just know Rumble is here to leave a lasting memory for you and your friends and the team is here to make the process as easy as possible! If there are any outstanding questions or concerns from Rumble and/or the team, we’ll get it all worked out before sending the furry guy to you. If at any point you do come up with another question (e.g. What do bison do on days off? What kind of books do bison like to read? What is the meaning of life?) don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Rumble Appearance Terms and Conditions

  • All requests are subject to team approval
  • The submission of any appearance request constitutes a request only and does not guarantee an appearance
  • If a request is approved, we cannot guarantee any appearance until (4) weeks out from the event date
  • Dates and times of appearances must be mutually agreed upon by the Oklahoma City Thunder and the requester
  • Promotion and/or advertisement of Rumble at an appearance is strictly prohibited unless otherwise granted permission by the Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Appearances cannot be used to promote any personal or commercial business
  • All appearances are subject to the Oklahoma City Thunder and NBA Fan Code of Conduct
  • All non-profit requests must provide a valid Tax-ID for consideration
  • Special Occasion Deliveries are only available for the OKC-Metro at this time
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder reserves the right to deny any requests that do not adhere to the above terms and conditions