Rolling Thunder Book Bus FAQs

How can I request a Rolling Thunder Book Bus visit?

The request form can be found here. Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of requests we receive, the availability for the Book Bus is limited.

Where does the Book Bus travel?

The Book Bus is limited to traveling within a 25-mile radius of Chesapeake Energy Arena. It visits schools, community centers, museums, parks, libraries and other community sites.

When can I request a Book Bus visit for the upcoming semester?

Book Bus registration is done in “block scheduling.” Registration for the upcoming semester (fall, spring or summer) opens approximately one (1) month before that semester starts. Because requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend submitting requests shortly after registration opens.

  • Registration for the fall semester opens July 5
  • Registration for the spring semester opens Dec. 5
  • Registration for the summer semester opens May 5

Do Thunder players, entertainers or other guests come on Book Bus visits?

On rare occasions, we have the privilege of hosting special guests aboard the bus. However, please be aware that the vast majority of Book Bus visits take place without Thunder players, entertainers or other guests aboard. If your request for a Book Bus visit has been approved, the confirmation is for a Book Bus visit only, not a player or entertainer visit.

What kind of books are on the Book Bus?

All of the books on the Book Bus are purchased new from Scholastic ranging from kindergarten through high school reading levels.

How many times can I request a Book Bus visit?

The Book Bus may visit one school/location per academic calendar year.

How many students/participants are allowed on a Book Bus visit?

Due to limitations on time and inventory, we recommend anywhere between 50 to 100 students/participants attend a Book Bus visit.

Does a Book Bus visit cost money?

Thanks to American Fidelity Assurance Company and as an initiative of our Community Relations department, there is no cost for the program.

How long does a Book Bus visit last?

A Book Bus visit lasts approximately one (1) hour unless you have made special arrangements with a Thunder representative.

What ages/grades attend Book Bus visits?

Students in grades K through 12 are eligible to participate.

My request for a Book Bus visit has been accepted, now what?

You should have received a confirmation email regarding all the details of your accepted Book Bus request, including the approved time, date and location. If you did not receive this email, please contact us at or 405.208.4714.

What do I need to know before my Book Bus visit?

Each of your students will have the opportunity to go aboard the Book Bus and select a free book to take home! If it is possible, we would like to speak with your students as a group before they get on the bus to give them a few instructions. Meeting with the kids ahead of time allows us to familiarize them with the process and ensures Book Bus visits run as smoothly as possible.


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