Summer Feature: Paul George

“He truly is a two-way player and one of the best if not the best in the league.” -Sam Presti, Thunder GM
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Summer Feature: Paul George

“He truly is a two-way player and one of the best if not the best in the league.” -Sam Presti, Thunder GM
May 22, 2019  |  02:03

New Thunder Court in Lawton

The Thunder unveiled its 24th Thunder Cares basketball court at Lee West Park in Lawton, Oklahoma.
May 22, 2019  |  01:45

Focus on the Fundamentals

“It's like leading the league in walks and pickoffs. We're there, we're doing the hardest thing."
May 10, 2019  |  01:33

Presti Reflects on Season

Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti reflects back on the 2018-19 season.
Apr 29, 2019  |  06:06

End of Season: Russell Westbrook

“There’s room for improvement every year ... I expect a lot out of myself.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  02:52

End of Season: Paul George

“It’s my job to improve and get better, so I’ll do it.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  02:14

End of Season: Coach Donovan

“We did some good things and now have to look and determine where we can improve."
Apr 25, 2019  |  03:21

End of Season: Steven Adams

"Everyone is trying to do the right thing. That’s what's good with the type of players we have. Good locker room guys."
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:58

End of Season: Jerami Grant

“I’m gonna try to work on everything, consistency with my shot, ball handling, defense.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:44

End of Season: Terrance Ferguson

“Coach has confidence in me, my teammates had confidence in me, I had confidence in myself. My overall growth stepped up a notch.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:41

End of Season: Dennis Schröder

“I’ll try to get stronger, work on my shot, 3-point shooting off the dribble ... I’m gonna work on it and be stronger and better next season.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  02:04

End of Season: Andre Roberson

"I'm in a great spot to return fully and healthy, ready to go next season. That's all I can wish for at this point.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:52

End of Season: Raymond Felton

“I stayed professional, I stayed ready. Whatever it takes, whatever I gotta do for this team.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  02:24

End of Season: Patrick Patterson

"We stuck together, stayed collective as a unit, together as a family, trying to push forward and get a win.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:33

End of Season: Hamidou Diallo

“We’re a team that relies on defense. It’s something we’re gonna focus on and come back stronger, ready to compete, come back with a chip on our shoulder.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:09

End of Season: Abdel Nader

“I learned a lot this year from experience, from being able to play."
Apr 25, 2019  |  00:32

End of Season: Markieff Morris

“I definitely had a great time here. It’s an A-1 organization. I love being around these guys every day.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:18

End of Season: Deonte Burton

“I’m going to carry over the work ethic I had this season into the summer, work on my shot and focus a lot more on defense.”
Apr 25, 2019  |  00:44

End of Season: Donte Grantham, Jawun Evans

Two-way players Donte Grantham and Jawun Evans reflect on their season with the team.
Apr 25, 2019  |  01:17


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