Video: Origins of the Morris Twins

by Ben York

In another episode of their highly acclaimed “Origins” series, SB Nation chronicled Markieff and Marcus Morris’ inspirational story from their childhood in Philadelphia all the way to their time in the NBA.

The video features Markieff and Marcus looking back on their bond as brothers, Angel Morris on being so proud of her sons, Bill Self on coaching the twins, and much more.

On growing up in Philadelphia:

“Philly…it’s a tough place. You always have dreams and aspirations, but not a lot of people make it out of there.” – Marcus

On their mom, Angel:

“My mom is Superwoman. Always there. She was mom and dad.” – Markieff

“That’s normal in Philly. It’s not like we felt sorry for ourselves because we didn’t have our father around; that’s normal.” – Marcus

On playing football:

“Football was the reason we got into sports. We’d play one-on-one football almost every single day.” – Markieff

Markieff on Bill Self, their coach at Kansas:

“He never let up. That’s definitely what pushed us over the top, no question.” – Markieff

Bill Self on coaching the Morris twins:

“There are a lot of guys I’ve enjoyed coaching over the years. I would say I’ve probably enjoyed coaching them as much as anybody.” – Self

Watch the entire feature below:

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