Twin City: Morris Brothers Reunited

Twin City: Morris Brothers Reunited


Three simple letters make clear everything you need to know about Suns forward Markieff Morris. He has them tattooed on his body as a reminder that, for the Philadelphia native, it is “family over everything.”

On Thursday a member of that family, his twin brother Marcus, who has the identical tattoo, joined the Suns’ family. It was a move that left Markieff speechless - a rarity for the second year forward when he is around his teammates.

“It’s unbelievable,” he said of the trade for his brother. “Words can’t describe. I’ve been playing with him my whole life. Now we’re back together.”

The family affair came about as the Suns dealt their 2013 2nd round draft choice to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Marcus.

When Marcus joins the team in Phoenix on Friday it will be the first time the brothers have worn the same uniform since they played their final game at Kansas, a 71-61 loss in the regional finals of the 2011 NCAA tournament. It’s an opportunity that Markieff thinks is a once -- or thrice -- in a lifetime opportunity.

“You can never think of something like that happening,” said Markieff, the elder brother by seven minutes. “High school, to college and now the NBA and we’re still young and full of energy, and we’ll be back together again.”

The trade should benefit both brothers, as they’ll have a built in support system and the ability to push each other to new heights like they did at Kansas.

“I think it will help both of those guys,” Suns Head Coach Lindsey Hunter said of the deal. “Any time you have your sibling it’s a comfort level you have with that person. Hopefully they can push each other and keep one another going when things are going well. It’s a unique situation; not everybody has a twin.”

Markieff agrees with his coach’s assessment.

“Being with him will definitely bring me out more,” he said with a smile. “My comfort levelwith him will help.”

Despite Markieff and Marcus being identical twins, Hunter envisions the newest Sun, who is averaging 8.6 points and 4.1 rebounds a game, seeing time at the small forward position. That would open the door for the brothers to be on the floor at the same time.

“I look forward to having him aboard,” Hunter said. “I think he can help us. He has great length and size and can play some three. It’ll be exciting to have him.”

Regardless of where he is playing on the floor, Marcus is just excited to be reunited with his brother.

“I shed a tear or two,” Marcus told CSN Houston. “I’m just happy to be back with my brother.”

Marcus wasn’t alone in his immense emotion, Markieff would have shed a tear too, if he had been alone.

“I told these guys, if I wasn’t in this locker room I definitely would have cried,” Markieff said laughing.

Despite differing outward emotions from the twins, don’t expect the team to be able to tell the two apart right away. That might take a little time.

“That will be different,” Hunter said laughing. “I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’m sure our guys just smiled.”

The trade even led Jared Dudley to joke the team will have to institute a new policy that only one Morris brother is allowed to have facial hair at a time to tell them apart.

One thing you can tell though is that for the Morris clan, they hold family over everything - which is only appropriate for twins born in the City of Brotherly Love.