Visitor Information

Accessibility / ADA Information

For information on accessibility and ADA click here

Alcohol Beverage Policy

No alcohol (including nonalcoholic beer and wine) or illegal drugs may be brought into Phoenix Suns Arena. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased by person’s aged 21 or older once inside the arena. No more than 2 alcoholic beverages will be sold to any one person at a time. All alcohol sales can be terminated at any time at the discretion of Phoenix Suns Arena management, and all alcohol sales can and will require the buyer to provide legal identification.


Animals are not allowed in the Phoenix Suns Arena except for service animals for guests with disabilities. Service animals providing service for a guest with a disability or certified service animals in training are welcome at Phoenix Suns Arena. All other animals are prohibited unless specified by management. For more information click here.

Automobile Assistance

Phoenix Suns Arena, although not responsible for damage or theft, will provide security in its parking lots during events. Jump-start assistance is available upon request to any parking attendant or security personnel.

Baby Changing Stations

Changing tables are available in every women’s restroom. Family restrooms are also located throughout the arena.

Bag Policy

Standard backpacks are not permitted inside the arena. Single-compartment drawstring bags, purses and diaper bags that have the appearance of a standard backpack and media backpacks are allowed as long as they meet the NBA bag-size requirements of 14” x 14” x 6”. Upon entry, any bags within the required size limits are required to be screened through our X-ray technology machines. Due to some concerts/events having different item restrictions, please contact the arena for more information at

Bike Racks

Phoenix Suns Arena:
Inside our attached parking garage on level one (can be seen when entering from through the West entrance).
Jefferson Street Garage:
Inside of the garage on Level One on the West side along 3rd Street (near the elevators).

Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is available near the south doors of Phoenix Suns Arena and also near 3rd Street & Jefferson along the sidewalk.


Banners and signs are allowed at the Phoenix Suns Arena; however, they must be constructed of flame-retardant material and may not be displayed during play due to sight restrictions (if at a game or sporting event). Banners or signs may not be placed on the court, be commercial in nature or obscene, or cause any disturbance to other fans. Banners and signs must be hand held and may not obstruct the view of other guests or Phoenix Suns Arena advertising signage, or be temporarily or permanently affixed to the building structure. The Phoenix Suns Arena reserves the right to remove ANY banner or sign without exception.

Broken Seat

While still at the event, please write down the seat location and/or communicate this information to an usher or Guest Services representative at the Guest Services Office, located in the pavilion at the Northwest corner of the building.


All policies are event specific, so please email to verify prior to coming to the event. No professional camera equipment may be brought in for any Phoenix Suns Arena event. For sporting events, no flash photography or video is permitted. Phoenix Suns Arena is not liable for any damage to cameras brought into Phoenix Suns Arena.

Children's Entry

Children thirty-six months and older must have a ticket in order to gain entrance to Phoenix Suns Arena. Children under thirty-six months of age may enter without a ticket but must sit on a parent or guardian’s lap. PLEASE NOTE: Some events will require all attendees regardless of age to present a ticket for entry into Phoenix Suns Arena. Please check the event’s ticket policies at the time of purchase.

Climate Control

Phoenix Suns Arena maintains certain temperatures during all events. These temperatures are determined event-by-event. For more information, please visit our Guest Services Office or email


There are a variety of permanent concession stands in Phoenix Suns Arena with additional “portable” locations for Phoenix Suns home games, and other selected events.
For a full list of concession stands and locations click here.


No outside food, beverages, coolers, bottles or cans may be brought into Phoenix Suns Arena, though one sealed plastic water bottle is allowed per guest for Suns, Mercury, and Rattlers games. Items for children such as baby bottles, formula, etc., will be allowed.

Courtesy Wheelchairs

If you need assistance getting to or from your seat, please request a wheelchair at Guest Relations located at the Northwest corner of the Main Concourse across from Section 117. A Guest Relations Representative will bring a wheelchair and assist you to your seat. Courtesy wheelchairs will then be returned so that other patrons may receive assistance. Unless otherwise specified, a Guest Relations Representative will return at the end of the event to assist you to the exit nearest your transportation.

Doors Open

For most Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury games, doors open one hour and 30 minutes before game time for the general public. For Arizona Rattlers games, doors open one hour before kick off. For other events, doors usually open one hour before the opening act. This varies event-by-event. For information, please call Phoenix Suns Arena at 602-379-2000 or email


There are three elevators located in Phoenix Suns Arena in three different locations: In the Northwest corner of the building across from Section 117 (which is reserved for guests with disabilities), in the Northeast corner of the building across from Section 122, and in the Southeast corner of the building across from Section 105.


In the event of an emergency, all Phoenix Suns Arena personnel have been trained and instructed to assist you in evacuating the premises. Appropriate emergency strobe lights and voice enunciations are located throughout the building, as well as in all public restrooms. Please always remain calm and follow the instructions from Phoenix Suns Arena staff members.

Emergency/Phone Calls

Callers should dial the security control at 602-379-2055 and explain their emergency to the staff. Every effort will be made to locate the required guest. Depending upon the event, a Public Address announcement may not be available.


There are four banks of escalators inside Phoenix Suns Arena. They are located in the Pavilion and provide access to Suite level A, Suite level B and the Upper Concourse. An additional escalator providing access to the Upper Concourse only is located at the East Doors.

First Aid

In the event of an emergency, please notify any Phoenix Suns Arena representative or uniformed police officer in your area in order to ensure that appropriate emergency personnel are notified and dispatched. Paramedics and EMTs are present during most events at Phoenix Suns Arena; First Aid is located on the Main Concourse across from Section 116.

Guest Conduct

Phoenix Suns Arena intends to provide all guests with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable atmosphere. Consequently, arena management does not intend to allow a pleasant experience to be disrupted or ruined by unruly guests. Therefore, we have established the following rules for guest conduct:

  • Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing are not allowed on Phoenix Suns Arena property.
  • Guests using foul or abusive language or gestures will be ejected from Phoenix Suns Arena with no refund.
  • Guests appearing intoxicated will be denied entry or ejected from Phoenix Suns Arena.
  • Guests attempting to interfere with the progress of any event at Phoenix Suns Arena will be ejected and subject to arrest.
  • Guests attempting to sell tickets on Phoenix Suns Arena property without permission will be asked to leave.

To enforce these policies, Phoenix Suns Arena event staff and Phoenix Police Officers are located throughout the arena. Guests who are not here to enjoy the event or who cannot comply with these rules will not be welcome at Phoenix Suns Arena.

Guest Services

Our Guest Services team is ready to help with any questions you may have about the services and amenities within Phoenix Suns Arena. You can find our staff in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. You can reach the Guest Services team at anytime by calling the Guest Services Hotline at 602-379-2060. If you contact this department during business hours and reach a recording, please leave a message, as all of our representatives are assisting other guests. Your phone call will be returned within 24-48 hours. You can also reach the Guest Services Team via email at Please note this email address is not monitored on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Health and Safety Protocols

Additional health and safety measures instituted to welcome fans back to the transformed arena include:

  • Masks: Wearing masks will be mandatory for entry and must be worn at all times unless actively eating and drinking and only in ticketed seats.
  • Social Distancing: Physical distancing will be required at all times, particularly in queueing areas (arena entrance, concessions, restrooms and Team Shop) which will be clearly marked and monitored by arena staff. All attended points of sale will have Plexiglass barriers between fans and staff. There will also be appropriate physical distancing in the arena bowl between parties in ticketed seating pods.
  • Contactless Accommodations: Phoenix Suns Arena has transitioned completely to paperless ticketing and offers numerous hands-free, cashless payment experiences via the Suns Mobile Wallet within the Official Suns App sponsored by Verizon. New capabilities include:
    • Grab & Go Concessions: Three unique Grab & Go stands are available throughout the main concourse stocked with an assortment of soda, water and alcoholic beverages. Fans can grab, scan and checkout through the Official Suns App sponsored by Verizon.
    • Cash Conversion: As a convenience to our fans with cash, the Phoenix Suns Arena offers free cash conversions. Please visit the box office to load cash onto a prepaid card which can be used at concessions, team shop and easily loaded int the Mobile Wallet within the Official Suns App sponsored by Verizon.
  • Venue Improvements: As part of the Phoenix Suns Arena transformation, a new HVAC system has been installed to more effectively and thoroughly circulate and filter air throughout the arena and promote healthy air quality. Additionally, escalator handrails have been equipped with UV-C technology which eliminates harmful bacteria from this high-touch surface. The arena transformation features touchless restroom facilities (sinks, paper towel dispensers, toilets, urinals). Hand-sanitizer stations will be available throughout the concourses on all levels of the arena.


There are many hotels conveniently located around Phoenix Suns Arena and in the downtown Phoenix area. For a complete listing, please visit and click on the resources link.

Item Check

If you need to check an item that is too cumbersome to keep under a seat (ex. stroller, wheelchair), you can check the items in at the Guest Services Office located in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. You will receive a tag that will allow you to claim your item upon conclusion of the event. Guest Services reserves the right to refuse to check any item or ask guests to take any item back to their car based on the item itself or the specific policy for that particular event.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item during the event, please contact the nearest Phoenix Suns Arena staff member for assistance. You may also turn any found items in at our Guest Services Office. Items will be held for 30 days. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. On non-event days, please call the Phoenix Suns Arena Security department at 602-379-2055.

Lost Parents/Found Children

Children should be told to contact the nearest Phoenix Suns Arena staff member should they become lost. Lost children will be taken to the Guest Services Office located in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. Parents looking for a lost child should go to that location as well.

Outside Vending

The selling or sampling of merchandise, food, beverages, or other items on the property without written Phoenix Suns Arena authorization is strictly prohibited.


Phoenix Suns Arena features more than 700 parking spaces on its property, including parking for guests with disabilities. Prices for parking vary by event. Please call the Phoenix Suns Arena Parking Office at 602-379-2003 for specific event parking prices and information.

Prohibited Items

For the safety of our guests, Phoenix Suns Arena does not permit the following items into the arena:

  • Backpacks (with the exception of single-compartment drawstring bags that meet the NBA bag-size requirements and media backpacks that have been screened at the media entrance. Purses and diaper bags that, while having the appearance of backpacks, will be allowed provided that they meet the 14x14x6 size requirements)
  • Banners – must be flame-retardant, hand-held, and not cause disturbance to other guest. Detailed in Visitor Guide A-Z – Banners/Signs section
  • Bottles, cans & coolers *sealed water bottles permitted but may be prohibited for select events. Children items such as baby bottles, formula, etc. will be allowed
  • Video and recording devices – including Go Pros & Google glasses. *The use of still cameras during concerts and other Non-SUNS/MERCURY/RATTLERS events, will be determined on an event-by-event basis. More details in Visitor Guide A-Z under video recorders.
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal substances
  • Laser pointers
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Whistles, horns, foghorns, airhorns, plastic horns (such as vuvuzelas and didgeridoos) or other noise makers
  • Weapons of any kind – No knives of any size & no mace/pepper spray of any size.
  • Computers and laptops. Tablets that are 8” or smaller are allowed for sporting events, but prohibited during concerts/events.
  • Halloween-style Masks – Not to be worn upon entry and in concourses. *will be permitted when guest is in seats.
  • Selfie sticks
  • Drones
  • Illegal substances – Any item an arena deems, in its discretion, to be dangerous.
  • Offensive clothing or masks

Management reserves the right to amend the above policy without notice depending on individual event restrictions. In addition, Management reserves the right to restrict any article not specifically listed above.

Re-Entry Policy

Re-entry is not available for any games, concerts, or events.


There are restrooms located throughout Phoenix Suns Arena for your convenience, located on all levels. All restrooms meet or exceed ADA specifications. Phoenix Suns Arena also provides private family restrooms on all levels.

Safety Habits

  • Leave your seat location information with someone at home in case they need to contact you.
  • Locate your TWO nearest exits in case one of them is obstructed upon exit.
  • Establish an outside meeting point for the members of your party in case you are separated from each other.
  • Wear something bright or recognizable in case you are separated from your party.
  • If you have a planned party that includes gifts, please leave the gifts unwrapped until they have been inspected or place the unwrapped gift in a gift bag.

Season Ticket Purchase Information

If you are interested in purchasing season tickets for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Rattlers or Phoenix Mercury, one of our account executives is on hand to assist you Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM, just dial 602-379-SUNS (7867). Or you can stop by our Guest Services locations at any franchise-sporting event to receive information regarding our season tickets.

Season Ticket Services

If you are currently a season ticket holder and have any questions about your account or your benefits, please call 602-379-SUNS (7867).

Security/Crowd Management

Phoenix Suns Arena wants to ensure that guests have a fun and safe experience at the arena. If you have any concerns or questions, visit your nearest Phoenix Suns Arena staff member. Phoenix Suns Arena staff and Phoenix Police Department will provide security for all events, guests, and performers. Additionally, Phoenix Suns Arena has a state-of-the-art, electronic security system that features closed circuit cameras and monitors, electric door alarms, an access control system, and outdoor lighting. Security staff will be on patrol 24 hours a day securing the site as well as Phoenix Suns Arena. For all events, there is a no re-entry (i.e., in-and-out) policy in effect at Phoenix Suns Arena.

Services for Guests With Disabilities

Phoenix Suns Arena is committed to providing every customer with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Accessibility for our guests with disabilities is a high priority. Please direct any questions regarding accessibility to the Guest Services hotline at 602-379-2060. You may also contact the Guest Services team via email at Special seating throughout the venue allows guests with disabilities the same flexibility on location and price options as any other guest. Elevators are available for the mobility-impaired. There is a TDD phone located across from Section 119 on the Main Concourse. All telephone banks at Phoenix Suns Arena offer phones that are wheelchair-accessible, and all public telephones are equipped with volume controls.

  • Typically there is an Accessible drop-off located on the West side of Phoenix Suns Arena, on First street South of Jefferson Street. Please call Guest Services at 602-379-2060 to confirm that this is the best option for dropping off guests with disabilities for your event.
  • Guests with hearing impairments can check out Assistive Listening Receivers from the Guest Services office located in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. Available with the receiver is an ear bud, a hearing aid compatible headset, or a neck loop.
  • The services of a Sign Language Interpreter may be arranged by calling the Guest Services Hotline at 602-379-2060, and Phoenix Suns Arena will make every effort to accommodate each request with appropriate advance notice, no less than seven (7) days prior to the event.
  • For sporting events, guests with vision impairments can check out a portable radio from Guest Services and receive play-by-play broadcast of the event.
  • Facility Features: All restrooms, drinking fountains, smoking areas, telephones, ATMs and concession stands at Phoenix Suns Arena are accessible. Unisex bathrooms are also available where visitors can take family members requiring assistance.
  • Customer Service: Phoenix Suns Arena staff is ready to help with any questions you may have about access to and within the facility. While attending events at Phoenix Suns Arena, please contact a member of our staff or visit Guest Services located in the pavilion, at the Northwest corner of the building.

Smoking Policy

Phoenix Suns Arena is a smoke-free facility with no designated smoking areas. Smoking is prohibited in any area of Phoenix Suns Arena. Guests who fail to comply with Phoenix Suns Arena’s smoking policy will be asked to cease smoking. Those continuing to violate the policy will be ejected from the facility.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in marketing partnership opportunities with Phoenix Suns Arena, the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Rattlers, Phoenix Mercury or other events, please call the Phoenix Suns Arena Administrative Offices at 602-379-2000.


Strollers are allowed in Phoenix Suns Arena. Strollers should be checked at the Guest Services Office located in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. Guests enjoying an event in one of our luxury suites may choose to keep their stroller with them if they wish.


Any parties interested in purchasing a luxury suite, Club Annexus Loge Box or other premium packages at Phoenix Suns Arena should contact Geoff Budoff at 602-379-7833.

Team Shops

Event merchandise can be purchased during the event at the various merchandise stands located throughout Phoenix Suns Arena. On nonevent days, Suns, Rattlers, Mercury and other merchandise can be purchased at our Team Shop located on the north side of Phoenix Suns Arena. The store hours are: 10 am – 5 pm Wednesday through Friday. The shop phone number is 602-514-8321.
Visit the Suns team shop online here.

Text Support

For assistance while at Phoenix Suns Arena, text “ASSIST” to 602-379-7867, or contact Guest Services by visiting them in the pavilion or by calling the team at 602-379-2060.

Ticket Information

If you are interested in purchasing tickets to a Phoenix Suns Arena event, you can do so at the Phoenix Suns Arena Box Office located at the northwest corner of First Street and Jefferson Street, in the pavilion of our building, or you can order online by going to If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area, you can also purchase tickets at any Ticketmaster outlet. For ticket orders by phone, please call Ticketmaster at 480-784-4444 or 520-321-1000. You can also call 877-4-NBATIX to purchase tickets for Phoenix Suns home games.


To determine if tours are currently being offered at Phoenix Suns Arena, please contact the Guest Services team at

Video Recorders

Video recorders are prohibited in Phoenix Suns Arena unless they are being used to record a family member or friend in a special on-court promotion or event. Anyone caught videotaping of a Phoenix Suns Arena event will have their video recorder confiscated by an usher or security immediately. The recorder will be taken to the Guest Services Office located in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. The camera can be picked up at the end of the event. Phoenix Suns Arena is not liable for any damage to video recorders brought into Phoenix Suns Arena. Guests may be asked to erase any event footage that has been recorded.


If you need assistance getting to or from your seat, please request a wheelchair at the Guest Services Office located in the pavilion, in the Northwest corner of the building. A Guest Services representative will bring a wheelchair and assist you to your seat. Unless otherwise specified, a Guest Services Representative will return at the end of the event to assist you to the exit nearest your transportation.


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