The team's namesake goes beyond the desert heat. It branches into the iconic array of sunrises and sunsets that have illuminated the morning and evening sky throughout The Valley. The Arizona sky gradient stretches across the front of the uniform, showcasing that picturesque backdrop behind Camelback Mountain. The colors reach far beyond Phoenix's city limits and represent all neighborhoods where Suns fans reside. The gleaming combination of purple and orange that outlaws and pioneers once witnessed is now represented in the color scheme of only one major American professional sports team: the Phoenix Suns.



The patch on the left side of the chest recognizes the Suns' uniform sponsor, PayPal. An innovative industry leader, PayPal will play an integral role when the Suns open the 2020-21 season in a frictionless cash and ticket environment. PayPal and the Suns share a commitment to positively impact the people in markets where we live and work, including The Valley.


The jersey was co-designed by the Suns and Nike in order to capture the heart and soul of The Valley. The two teams worked diligently to detail specific Valley elements and finalize a uniform that was dedicated to the community that supports the Suns.


The Valley

"The Valley of the Sun" began to catch on as a nickname for the Phoenix metropolitan area as part of a 1930s campaign to drive population rise and economic expansion in the cities that lie within the Salt River Valley. The campaign worked, and the nickname stuck. People flocked to the area, sparking a period of continuous progress that carries on to the present day. This growth would bring professional sports to town, beginning with the Suns as Arizona's original franchise in 1968. The words "The Valley" are centralized on the front of the uniform to represent the heartbeat of the Suns organization -- a community of rooted natives and recent transplants alike, who reside in a diverse collection of cities all united under one name.


Camelback Mountain

Stitched across the chest of the jersey is the rocky Camelback Mountain, where year-round residents and visitors alike soak in the depth and landscape of The Valley. Just as the Suns are putting in the work to grind their way toward the NBA's peak, Camelback's magnificent view is rewarded to all those willing to accept the journey and make the challenging climb.



The waistband of the shorts is a nod to the physical home of the Phoenix Suns, a centralized location in The Valley for all communities to connect and form a common base. The airport code PHX serves as a welcoming platform to returning residents and visitors from across the country and around the world.



Introduced alongside the Suns' home arena in 1992, both the sunburst displayed on the edge of the shorts and the building they play in have progressed to fit the current culture of the team. The bold logo conveys the Suns' fast pace and flair on the court, as well as the organization's forward trajectory.



The history of a team, its name and its image are nothing without the fans' passionate support through the glorious highs and the heartbreaking defeats. The Suns' name is branded along the side of the shorts to further embrace their commitment to The Valley faithful, showcasing a uniform that pays homage to supporters extending from Gilbert to Glendale, Anthem to Ahwatukee and Scottsdale to Buckeye.


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