Suns Retorter: Len-ding a Hand on Nicknames

During Tuesday’s Suns broadcast on FOX Sports Arizona Suns center Alex Len caught the attention of analyst, and former Sun, Eddie Johnson. The rookie’s quick impact in brief minutes led E.J. to suggest he need to come up with a nickname for him. While I think it may be a little premature to give the rookie a nickname, I’m here to prevent Suns fans from being caught in another “Plumdog” situation.

Before E.J. tries to dub the 7-1 center as LenDog -- alright, that’s not fair. He said, on air, he wouldn’t do that - I figured I’d step in with a suggestion of my own and an opportunity for you, the fan, to share your options as well.

My suggestion is simple. It both honors Len’s love of his homeland, the Ukraine, and his love of martial arts movies, in particular the cinematic masterpieces by Jackie Chan. (Editors Note: I do not endorse the idea that Chan’s movies are cinematic nor masterpieces.)

How about we refer to him -- if we must call him something other than Alex or Len -- as “The Kraine”?

White Crane Boxing, is a form of martial arts and the “Crane Kick” is a martial arts move made famous by the movie The Karate Kid -- which Chan starred in the remake of-- and used in the aforementioned discipline. Combine that with Len’s country of origin plus his athleticism and “The Kraine” is born.

Is it the best name? Who knows? But it is what I’m rolling with. It’s your move EJ, can you do better? Remember, Jumpshot8 is already taken.

Your Turn: What nickname, if any, would you give Len?