Suns Player Reviews: Danny Granger

With the 2014-15 campaign written and closed, Suns.com’s Matt Petersen takes an end-season look at each member of Phoenix’s roster heading into the summer. Key points include what went well, what could be improved, and a notable advanced stat for each player are included, as is their offseason status with the team.

Danny Granger

Bio: 6-5, 198 pounds, 20 years old

History with Suns: Traded to Phoenix from Miami on Feb. 19, 2015

2014-15 stats: 20.4 mpg, 6.3 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 35.7 3FG%

Offseason status: Player option for 2015-16

What Went Well

The quiet winner of the trade deadline might just have been Granger. After battling injuries for teh vast majority of the last three seasons, the former All-Star and Team USA member got extended time and treatment with/from the Suns' renowned training staff.

Phoenix is an intriguing place for Granger, who is having a home built here after the city left a lasting good impression on him and his wife in their college years. Between that, the medical staff and a need for veteran leadership on a young team, there are plenty of reasons for Granger to remain in the Valley.

What Could Be Improved

Health is priority number one for Granger, who averaged over 20 points a game in three consecutive seasons before his injury woes commenced. Now 32 years old, he'll try to use the advice he received in a long phone call with Grant Hill, a guy who knows something about taking advantage of the Suns' fountain of youth.

"I spoke to Grant Hill on the phone for a long time," Granger said. "He gave me pretty much his experience here and how it helped his career. Hopefully it will help mine the same way."

Notable Advanced Stat: Granger doesn't need a lot of time or activity to get off a quality shot. The veteran forward averaged 58.3-percent shooting on shots taken after one dribble this season.

Quotable: “Talent wins in this league. That's one thing you can't win without. I think this team has a lot of that, a lot of young promising talent. Just getting it all on the same page is what you need.” – Danny Granger