Statement from Andy Kohlberg, Vice Chairman - Phoenix Suns

Statement from Andy Kohlberg, Vice Chairman - Phoenix Suns

I have known and been business partners with Robert Sarver in multiple businesses for more than 17 years. I have been Vice Chairman of the Phoenix Suns since 2011 and have attended regular meetings with the Suns senior management team and Robert Sarver since that time. I’ve attended hundreds of Suns games in person, and I’ve had conversations with staff at all levels of the organization, and no one has raised with me any issues about any sexist or racist behavior from Robert, and no one had ever made comments to me alluding to the culture of the organization that were consistent with allegations made in the ESPN article released on Nov. 4, 2021. In addition, I have never seen nor heard Robert make any statements that I experienced as racist, sexist or misogynistic.

I was never contacted by the author of the article or ESPN to provide comments on these allegations. As stated in the article, only after the Suns attorneys requested that a wider group be interviewed did the author reach out to Steve Kerr and Lon Babby, as both were key people in the Suns organization at the time many of these allegations were alleged to have occurred. In my many years of working alongside both Steve Kerr and Lon Babby, I’ve known them to be people of exceptionally high integrity and character, and neither they nor I would have remained part of an organization that had a culture like what was described in the article.

I have focused my entire business career building organizational cultures based upon integrity, dignity and compassion. In all my experiences with Robert Sarver, he has been a person of honesty and integrity, and I have never witnessed anything approaching racist or sexist behavior from him.

Andy Kohlberg
Vice Chairman Phoenix Suns


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