Sports Illustrated: Charles Barkley One of the 10 Most Entertaining Players of All-Time

by Ben York

Along with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Pete Maravich and others, Charles Barkley was named one of Sports Illustrated’s 10 most entertaining NBA players of all-time.

In related news, grass is green and water is wet.

After all, not only did Sir Charles tally over 6,500 points and 3,200 rebounds in a Suns uniform (not to mention the insatiable Finals run in 1992-93), he entertained us with a myriad of compelling quotes much like this one:

“We've got to change the laws. I'm just telling you all, the left-hand lane is for speeders. Not for people who are going to drive the speed limit. Remember that, Arizonans. That's the only problem I got with this state. People have a tendency to drive in the left-hand lane, driving the speed limit.”

Gold. Pure gold.

Sports Illustrated agrees:

“What a gift to fans. The game's greatest personality resided in the body of one of its greatest athletes.”

Indeed, you never knew quite what to expect when The Round Mound of Rebound was on the court. But there was certainly no doubt it would be on the corner of Amazing and Entertaining.


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