Player Mailbag: Jared Dudley Discusses Veteran Leadership, Suns Memories

by Lauren Sokol
Social Media Producer

Jared Dudley sat down with to answer fan submitted questions via the Player Mailbag. Check out his answers below.

Name: Samuel Denny
Location: London, England
Question: What’s your favorite movie?

Jared: Gladiator.

Name: Rico Alcazar
Location: New Jersey
Question: What was the locker room like when Shaq was on the team back in 2008-2009?

Jared: Constant jokes, he was a class clown. He was the center of attention, always.

Name: Lynn Harkey
Location: San Diego, CA
Question: If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower and why?

Jared: To fly. I can’t jump high, so for me I think it would just be cool to travel and fly anywhere I wanted to like Superman.

Name: Michelle Cantelme
Location: Glendale, AZ
Question: After you’re done playing in the NBA, do you see yourself as an assistant coach or scout?

Jared: Definitely not an assistant. If I do it, I’m going to do a head (said with some extra emphasis on head). Overall, you’ve definitely got to put your work in. I say for me, either an analyst or a coach.

Name: Naeem McNeil
Location: New Jersey
Question: What is your favorite part about working with so many young talented players, and what is the attitude like in the locker room with such diverse personalities?

Jared: Working with them, seeing their development from a young player to a mature player. Being in the locker room is the most fun thing in life for me because you’ve got personalities joking around. The kids make you feel young with their videogames and how they dress and how they talk.

Name: Laiba Chaudhary
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Question: Who was your inspiration when you were growing up?

Jared: My mom. She was a single parent, raised my brother and I. She never had an excuse. We got to every practice on time. I switched schools to play basketball, so she had to drive further. She basically gave up her social life for us. It was a huge sacrifice.

Name: Tyler Knight
Location: Lansing, MI
Question: Are you planning on going to the 3-point contest before you retire?

Jared: : I got offered last year, but I already had a vacation planned with my wife and kids. If I get asked at a time when I’m not planning a vacation, I would definitely go.

Name: Kelli Tabtalean
Location: Mesa, AZ
Question: What is the one thing you’d like the rookies to learn from you?

Jared: How to take care of their money. It goes by fast. You want to keep up with all the materialistic things, but you’ve got to save.

Name: Armando Rodriguez
Location: Laveen, AZ
Question: What’s your all-time favorite Suns memory?

Jared: Beating the Spurs in the semifinals to get to the conference finals.

Name: Daniel Yacoub
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Question: Who is your favorite NBA player to watch right now?

Jared: Kawhi Leonard

Name: : Lincoln Huffman
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Question: Have you ever tried Goldfish and Oreo’s together? They’re really good.

Jared: Never.

Name: Jessica Pascale
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Question: What do you love most about Arizona? It’s good to have you back on this team!

Jared:The weather, the fans, the restaurants. Overall, the lifestyle is just second to none.

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