We’re entering the back-end of summer movie season, when most of the built-up titles have already been released. It’s the point of the year when nearly everyone has a phrase-length opinion ready if/when a friend asks “have you seen [insert move title here]?”

The theater on Planet Orange has been just as busy, with seemingly every notable production followed up by a different show that keeps the customers/fans coming back. New general manager. New head coach. The draft. Two trades.

Among the many impressions Ryan McDonough has made in his first offseason as the Suns’ general manager, there’s one that hovers over all the rest.

He’s honest.

How else do you explain the way he followed up the statement below, made during his introductory press conference?

“[The draft is] the life-blood of your franchise,” McDonough said on May 9. “That’s how you have sustainable success over the years.”

The Suns’ offseason transformation mimics that of a new line of sports cars.

In a word: faster.

The arrival of Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee fits Phoenix’s offseason goal of increasing athleticism across the roster. Green in particular brings a gazelle’s stride and box spring hops to a team that, fittingly enough, wants to run every chance it gets.

“We’re excited about [Green’s] athleticism and his ability to get up and down the floor and shoot the ball,” said Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough. “I think he’ll fit right in with how we want to play.”