An Interview with Mrs. Majerle

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

Posted: April 17, 2002

Following Dan Majerle’s final game in the NBA Wednesday night, caught up with Dan’s wife, Tina, outside the Suns’ locker room and got a few of her thoughts on the memorable evening. What was this whole night like for you?

Tina: The experience was fantastic. It was great. It was heartwarming. I really enjoyed it. Everyone in the Valley is so wonderful and supportive of Dan and his family, and you just don’t get that everyday. It made me feel really good. My daughter and I actually shared a moment; we were getting all teary-eyed together, and hugging. It was really cute. Did you have any idea the way the fans would react tonight?

Tina: I had a feeling it would be. My sister came over to my seat and she got teary-eyed. She welled up a little bit. But I did expect that. I really did. I had a feeling it would be that way and I tried to prepare myself, and not get overemotional, but it was just so beautiful. How can you not be taken back? Why do you think there is such a love affair between your husband and this city?

Tina: I think that he’s a hard worker and everyone really respects and appreciates that he comes to play every night. When people work hard at what they do, I think they’re successful, and I think that so many people understand that. Dan is just someone that didn’t care about the money. He just played because he enjoyed what he did and he wanted to work hard every night for his job. I think people really respect that and appreciate that, and sort of feel a closeness to him because they can sort of relate their lives to that. And he’s just so approachable and he’s just so cute. He’s adorable. How nervous was he today?

Tina: He was really. He got me nervous. I had been talking to him and staying calm, but today he said, “I’m so nervous. I’m so nervous.” He was just babbling away and I thought, “Oh gosh, here I go now.” I started getting nervous. After I ate, my stomach started hurting. I got nervous for him, but he was definitely very nervous. Are you going to miss the NBA at all?

Tina: Yeah, of course I will. I’ve met some really wonderful people in the NBA, some great, great women and most of the players have just been fantastic, and really nice guys. I’m going to miss most of all, though, this year. The players on this team are so kind and so genuine. I’ve never in my years with Dan -- we’ve been married for seven and a half years -- I’ve never had the guys come up and be so genuine to my children. It’s just from the heart. They’re so nice. Like Stephon (Marbury) is a doll. He just always came up and was very kind to my kids, very nice to me. Penny (Hardaway), Jake (Tsakalidis), Bo (Outlaw) is hilarious. This was a fun year. I really enjoyed it and Dan enjoyed it. We’ve talked about it at night after the kids go to bed, just what a wonderful team he had this year and just what a way to go out. It’s been fantastic. So I’m going to miss this part. Last question. How excited are you to know there are no more road trips or practices, that Dan is going to be able to spend more time with the family?

Tina: It’s going to be great. I think it’s something that we actually need, very much so, as a family. Coming back here every summer from Miami, it was always just up and back, up and back. We never really had time to just sit back and cherish what we have, and that’s our family, and that’s each other. So I think now that he’s not traveling, he can take the time to really enjoy the kids and he and I can do some really special things together, and really just work on creating a great life for ourselves.


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