Suns 2014-15 Position Breakdowns: Center

By now, we have a basic idea of the Suns' options on the floor heading into the 2014-15 season. While Phoenix prides itself on playing "position-less" basketball, it's worth noting the realistic depth at each of the standard positions. One thing seems apparent: there's plenty of diversity and depth, which lend themselves well to the team-first attitude the Suns rode to 48 wins a season ago.

In this first edition of the 2014-15 positional breakdowns, we'll look down low, where Phoenix is hoping an offseason's worth of improvement will leave them with a solid core of talent at center.

Miles Plumlee

Info: 6-11, 255 pounds, 26 years old

2013-14 Stats: 8.1 ppg, 7.8 rpg, 1.1 bpg, 51.7 FG%

What he brings: An inside presence, especially on defense. Plumlee's shot-blocking rate (blocks per 36 minutes) was better than that of Tyson Chandler, Josh Smith and Marc Gasol. His rebounding rate also exceeded those of Chandler, Joakim Noah and Al Jefferson. Simply put, he knows where to be on defense, especially after realizing he doesn't need to try to block every shot.

What could be in store: Plumlee's summer was a busy one. Between playing for the Suns summer league, the Team USA Select Team, and informal workouts with his brother and his Phoenix teammates, the third-year big man has had every opportunity to expand his rapidly improving game.

His footwork in the low post is already terrific, but he could impress even more by capping off his post-up moves with efficient finishes. His stamina should also improve after going from 55 total minutes played in his rookie year to 1,964 last season. After starting 2013-14 strong, his production leveled off and his playing time subsequently faltered. With Channing Frye no longer around to spot him at the center position, Plumlee will be more needed than ever.

Alex Len

Info: 7-1, 255 pounds, 21 years old

2013-14 Stats: 2.0 ppg, 2.4 rpg, 0.4 bpg, 42.3 FG%

What he brings: Len's per-minute blocks were even better than Plumlee's. Make no mistake, he's an obstacle for opponents thanks to both his height and wing-span (7-4). Nearly 40 percent of his rebounds came on the offensive glass, which he attacks every single time a teammate's shot is off the mark.He's also a much better mid-range shooter than what he was able to show in limited minutes.

What could be in store: Hopefully, good health. Len's feet are fully recovered from the two ankle surgeries he underwent last summer. After recovering from one broken finger, however, Len is trying to come back from a repeat of the injury on the same digit (though in a different location).

Again, with Frye gone, Phoenix will need more from its remaining big men capable of manning the center spot. If Len can show the versatility (shooting, passing, shot-blocking) for which Phoenix drafted him, the Suns could have a formidable 1-2 punch at the five.

Shavlik Randolph

Info: 6-10, 36 pounds, 30 years old

2013-14 Stats: 1.4 ppg, 1.8 rpg, 50.0 FG%

What he brings: Randolph's got the two qualities coaches love from a backup veteran: a willing attitude and a constant motor. In his brief appearances, the seven-year big man showed a knack for ending up with the loose ball, especially rebounds that weren't secured right away. He also looks to finish strong every time he scores underneath.What could be in store: With Frye gone, Randolph becomes the veteran influence for Phoenix's young stable of big men. This is important, as Plumlee and Len carry all of three seasons' worth of experience between them. Randolph has seven, not counting the two spent playing professionally overseas.

On the court, he'll be the emergency energy guy, the kind of player Hornacek isn't afraid to turn to if a game is quickly going south. There's also the possiblity of playing alongside Len on occasion. The duo presents a good high-low option thanks to Len's mid-range touch. Don't be shocked if Randolph breaks out his own long-range jump shot, which he used to hit 40 percent of his threes when playing in China last year.