Postgame: Suns 99, Nuggets 105 - April 6, 2012

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Channing Frye

Jared Dudley

George Karl

Arron Afflalo

Kenneth Faried

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

"I thought we played well [overall]. We did everything we needed to do to put ourselves in a position to win and then we just had poor execution the last three or four minutes of the game. There score was 92-97 I think and we came up with two points the rest of the way. We have to put the ball in the basket. You got to be able to come back and take away some of the easy stuff. We gave Andre [Miller] two easy drives to the basket and lay it in. We just have to do a better job of execution especially down the stretch. But I thought we played well for the first 43 minutes to put ourselves in a position to win a game on the road and we didn’t complete the task by executing and doing what we needed to do."

(On turnovers)
"At the end of the day they get 54 points off either our turnovers or second chance shots and that's just way too many. You can't do that. We can't afford to do that. The majority of them were unforced turnovers. You just can't put yourselves in that position. One of the things this team [Denver] is great at is that if you turn the ball over against them they'll make you pay. They'll run down there and they are really good at making you pay. If they're going to play a small lineup we've got to be able to through the ball inside. We have to be able to take advantage of that."


Suns Guard Steve Nash

"It was a bad loss for us. We had a bad close to the game and didn't make shots down the stretch."

(On his own personal game)
"It was fine. When we lose it was not good enough ever. You always want to win the game."


Suns Forward Channing Frye

(On turnovers in the game)
"It was huge. I think for us we have to stay more composed at the end. Our second group came in there and did a great job of getting that lead for us. We need to come in there and execute better at the end. We just need to continue to be more aggressive and put pressure on them offensively. I think sometimes we let them off of the hook and little things like, making sure we're doing what we're supposed to do. I thought we played pretty good but these losses hurt. We just have to bounce back and understand that we’re playing good but we have to play better."

(On the Nuggets' scoring run to end the game)
"We have to execute better. No offense to them but there was nothing they were doing. We just made too many mistakes there at the end. We did a good job of getting that lead and when coach makes that sub we have to execute better. We have to be more focused on who's doing what and who we want to shoot."


Suns Forward Jared Dudley

(On Andre Miller)
"Andre Miller did a good job tonight. Ty [Lawson] was struggling tonight. Our whole attention was on Ty and we did a good job containing him. Andre Miller made plays at the end of the game, he made the right plays and smart plays."

(On two point guards for the Nuggets)
"They are very versatile in all the players they have. They can go big. They had Al [Harrington] at the four and [Kenneth Faried] at the five then they went small at the end. George [Karl] likes to have those guys that can play all those multiple positions. But the key was Andre Miller. We didn't scored, with that being said, because they put so much pressure with Andre Miller in the fourth the quarter towards the end attacking off transition, hitting the guy on the lob. Hit [Arron] Afflalo in the corner and had basic control of the game in the last three minutes."


Nuggets Head Coach George Karl

(On what went right late in the game)
"Just my feelings from it is that we played with tremendous intensity and Andre Miller kind of has this thing that when April comes around, men come to play. In the fourth quarter, his pass he threw to Kenneth [Faried] from half court might be one of the best passes I've ever seen. He has this passion to will games and Al [Harrington] got us back a little bit hitting some threes. Kenneth gave us some energy underneath the basket. Defensively in the last four or five minutes I thought we did a pretty good job against a good offensive team and a great point guard. It was a great win for us, something that gives us an opportunity to continue. The road trip really isn't over. This is kind of a stop on the road trip. We have Golden State tomorrow and we have four or five days to get assimilated."

(On if Andre Miller showed the rest of team how to play in the fourth quarter)
"Arron [Afflalo] was great most of the game. He didn't have a great fourth quarter but he did have the big three that again, Andre made a great play on it. There are so many plays that I felt from the seven-minute mark on that Andre scoring and passing and rebounding, he had a pretty special night. I give this one to Andre."


Nuggets Guard Arron Afflalo

(On sustained effort)
"I think the zone they threw out in the fourth quarter had us at a small stoppage in terms of our intensity and running ability. Andre [Miller] picked it up in terms of getting outlets and rebounds and making plays that gave us opportunities to run."

(On Andre Miller leading by example)
"He is a true veteran. It speaks for itself the way he played tonight particularly in the fourth quarter."

(On trying to win long rebounds)
"They got a lot of shooters so we were spread out. We haven’t done the best job of rebounding this year. That is just another focus that will allow us to win game, important games, playoff games."


Nuggets Forward Kenneth Faried

(On half-court alley-oop from Andre Miller)
"I was running down the court, some people were kind of trailing me but they didn't expect him to throw the lob. Andre got that eye contact with me and he just let it fly. I went to go get it. Finished it over them and it made myself feel good."

(On how a play like that makes him feel)
"It makes me feel to know your teammate knows you and is willing to throw that pass. Even how late it was and how close the game was. He expects you to go get and Andre has faith in me and the guys had faith in me to go get it so it wasn’t a big deal."

(On Andre Miller's veteran leadership)
"He just showed me why he used to do the things he did when he was younger. It's way the used to call him 'Dre-day' back in the day so it was just amazing to see a guy like him step up and put this team on his back. He led us to the victory that was needed because the Suns were trailing us and they were about to come out with the win. For Dre to just come in and takeover the game is just amazing."