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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On tonight’s game)
“We let a team that is averaging 93 points a game score 123 points and they were nice about it. They probably could have scored 140. If we are going to be a good team we have to play defense. I’m disappointed. We can’t use the fact that Steve (Nash) is out as an excuse; we still have 12 guys on our team that have to play. We didn’t do what we were supposed to do. When you are an NBA team and you play like we did, you are going to lose and we did.”

(On the team’s defense)
“When they pass twice and lay it up in the basket that means we are not doing our job. When we leave guys open for wide-open threes, right after they just made one, we are not doing our job. There is no excuse for that.”

(On playing the Bobcats)
“Every team is a good team. The Bobcats just took Miami to the limit last night and probably should have won. For us to not come out and play them tonight is disappointing. There is no excuse.”


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

(On the team’s defense)
“We’re not getting stops and it’s not helping us on our transition. We used to feed off our defense. We found a way to get stops and that fueled our offense and that fueled our runs and fast breaks. Somehow we’ve got to figure out how to get back to that.”

(On the team’s shooting recently)
“That’s just basketball. Sometimes it’s like that. Sometimes you go from shooting the ball great to having spurts where you’re not shooting the ball great for three or four games. Who knows, we can come out on Monday and make 25 threes, that’s just how it is.”


Suns Forward Grant Hill

(On the team’s defense)
“We’ve taken a step back these last few games defensively. We’ve just gotten away from our principles. More importantly than that, we’ve gotten away from just competing on defense. It’s a little disheartening.”

(On the team’s play tonight)
“I think we are maybe a team that gets our rhythm offensively and it carries over to the defense. Obviously, with our quarterback (Steve Nash) out, it certainly creates some challenges, but we’ve just got to play hard. We’ve got to compete and give effort. If you make mental mistakes, that’ll happen. But we just didn’t play as hard as we should; especially for a team that needed a win.”


Bobcats Head Coach Larry Brown

(On Stephen Jackson getting the first triple-double in team history)
“With Boris (Diaw), Gerald (Wallace) and (Stephen Jackson), they all can rebound the ball and they all are willing passers. This is our franchise first. I think when you have the ability to rebound the ball like they do and have the ability to pass the ball, the fact that most of them get attention from the other team, some of them are going to get open. That’s a good thing. You don’t want to not take advantage of what’s available to you. Jack, Gerald and Boris are capable of getting double-figure rebounds every game. Assists are sometimes more difficult to come by, but they all have that ability and I don’t know if a lot of guys in the league have that.”

(On the play of the bench)
“The bench was great. Phoenix had 18 points in the first five minutes. Our bench came in and I think they had 25 in the first quarter. The bench held them to seven points in the last seven minutes. I think that set the tone. We had a lot of guys that made tremendous contributions. I thought Dominic (McGuire) did a lot of things that we’ve been looking for like hustle plays, getting loose balls and defending, so it’s a good win after last night.”


Bobcats Guard Stephen Jackson

(On what he was thinking when he knew he was close to a triple-double)
“Coach (Larry Brown) told me I needed to get a rebound and two assists (at the timeout with 4:45 remaining), but when Matt (Carroll) and (Shaun Livingston) came into the game (with 2:22 remaining), I was ready to come out. We needed a win and I was happy that we were getting the win, I wasn’t even concerned about the triple-double. But that’s one thing about Coach that we all love – he wanted me to stay in the game and he wanted me to get the triple-double even though I didn’t want to get it. I thank Coach for thinking about me and putting me first.”

(On getting the first triple-double in franchise history)
“It means a lot. I can always tell my kids that I was the first triple-double in the Michael Jordan era. That’s always a blessing. The win is even better.”

(On tonight’s game)
“They (the Suns) were a small team and they were without their best player. We knew that we could attack the rack and be aggressive, and we knew if we played defense we could beat these guys. Even though Gerald (Wallace) struggled, that shows why he’s the captain that he came back in the second half and gave us what we needed to get that push.”


Bobcats Forward Gerald Wallace

(On the team’s play tonight)
“I was in foul trouble tonight and I wasn’t able to contribute the way I wanted to, but the bench stepped up tonight and played great. They came in and gave us energy and we were able to keep the lead. It’s a lot easier (as a starter) when you come back in and you’re up 10 or 15 points than it is when you’ve been sitting and you come in and you’re down 10 and try to make a run.”

(On stopping the Suns from making a fourth quarter comeback)
“We knew they’d be able to come back because they’re a great team and they’re an explosive offensive team. You’ve got to get going because they can hit shots from outside in the parking lot. Our thing was just to limit them to one shot, run them off the three-point line and just keep doing what we were doing.”



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