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Suns Alvin Gentry

On their three point shooting tonight:
"That’s what we do, it really is, we usually don’t shoot 40 of them. I think when we get in the open court, with the way we have to try to play right now, we have Hedo who can shoot them and Channing who’s a three point shooter. And we try to take their guys away from the basket, Steve does a great job of penetrating and pitching, and when we’re shooting the ball well from three we’re pretty good. You know we’ve still got to try to stop the rebounding situation, but Pau is just so long, we have him boxed out, he goes over the back but he doesn’t foul…he’s just so long, our guys try to get body on him and we just couldn’t. It wasn’t that we weren’t trying to win, that we weren’t playing hard and trying to be physical with him, we just couldn’t move him out. And that’s a credit to Pau more than it is a negative to our guys."

On tonight’s game:
"They had 68 points from the paint….I think Phil’s done pretty good as a coach over the years, so I think he’s got a pretty good handle on what his team is good at and what they’re not. When you have more rings than you’ve got fingers I think you’re pretty good. It was one game, and like I said we shot the ball well, we won a game here that’s all it is, it’s one game…it doesn’t count for anything except one."

On how they beat the Lakers tonight:
"You’ve got to make shots number one, you’ve got to make shots, and I think you’ve got to score a bunch of points to beat them. Some kind of way you’ve got to get into the 110s to the 120s to beat them. Tonight we shot the ball well and that’s why we had a chance, an opportunity to win. I was really proud of the guys because we knew they were going to make a run back, and they made a run back and we were still able to kind of find a way to come up with a couple of baskets here and there. It was just a good win for us, we’ve got a tough stretch coming up here…we go home and play Denver, we go play Miami, and then we play Orlando, so just to have a win like this is pretty good for us."

On what he’ll take away from tonight’s win:
"I think that we’re pretty good in the open court, and we’ve got pretty good shooters. If Jason Richardson isn’t shooting like that, and Steve didn’t shoot the ball very well tonight either. Jared Dudley is a good shooter for us and he didn’t play extremely well for us tonight, so you know we’ve got other weapons that didn’t play extremely well tonight that we can use. But we have to have the game in the open court in order for us to be successful, I think we’ve got to be in a situation where if they’re going to switch bigs onto Steve he’s able to deal with penetrate and pitch and deal with penetrate and score."


Suns Guard Steve Nash

On if he was surprised the Lakers gave them so many open looks from 3:
"Well I think it was just one of those nights where we were able to kind of loosen them up a little bit, get some looks in transition and get the game on the pace we were comfortable playing at. If we walk the ball up court, they’re so much bigger and it’s going to be a long night, but we were able to get in transition and kind of cause some problems with our ball movement."

On how hard it is to get a team like the Lakers to play at the Suns pace:
"It’s difficult. You can’t just say you’re going to do it and leave it at that. You still got to make shots and make good decisions so tonight I thought we played, obviously, exceptionally well. We’re just going to take this win, but it might not always be that way and we got to find other ways to win."


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

On his shooting efforts:
"I went out there just trying to help this team as much as I can and luckily my shots were going down."

On what it felt like shooting so well:
"It’s great. It feels like the ball [is small and] the basket is huge, like it’s double. And it feels like every shot you throw up is you feel like it goes in and teammates are following you. Alvin was calling plays for me and it’s just fun having nights like that."

On his team’s strategy playing the Lakers:
"Just try to get them in the open floor. We knew we can’t have a half-court game. Pau’s too good of a player down in the post, we’re a little undersized. We knew we couldn’t just play a low-scoring game and just walk it up the court. We have to get it in the open court. We did that, made some plays, and made some shots."


Suns Center Channing Frye

On his team’s effort tonight:
"We just played within ourselves. I felt like we defended pretty well, they hit some tough shots. It’s always tough. They do a great job of getting into the paint and then if they get into the paint they kick it out for three. They get on the glass, they’ve got Pau and Lamar, but we just hit shots. I think for us, we just continue to battle and believe in each other."

On if the Lakers would have been even tougher to beat if they had got more points in the paint:
"Yeah, but we weren’t really shooting too many twos. It’s tough to just go by the numbers. For us, we just take what they gave and tonight instead of making twos, we shot and we made it…we tried that on them and we lost so we tried something else."

On his team making 22 3-pointers:
"It is amazing. It was just one of those nights when coach tells us to be confident, and just shoot and we did that man. [We] set that up inside the system just playing unselfishly and believe in each other."


Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson

On the Suns’ record 3 point shooting effort:
"Our philosophy is those even out after time, but they didn’t tonight. A teams going to make a certain percentage of threes. If they make ten in a ball game that’s a high number; this team averages 9, so that’s a really high number. The real issue is about those other 80 points they got in the paint. They were successful."

On the Suns’ record 3 point shooting effort:
"I think that’s a record against this ball club if I’m not mistaken so obviously no. There are other teams that have made more three point shots but I don’t know if in regulation or what. That was prett remarkable shooting."

On the loss:
"You know you’re always upset when you lose. This is about winning, this game is and losing is a part parcel that you’re dealing with as far as accepting it."

On positives from tonight’s game:
"I was happy about the comeback, getting down, coming back, and getting in the ball game."

On the Lakers’ failure to do the little things:
"I was unhappy about the little issues like Childress getting underneath getting rebounds after misses in a situation where we didn’t box out we didn’t take care of the things and the turnovers, the 18 turnovers that we had."


Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant

On the Suns three-point shooting tonight:
"We put guys in the gym by themselves. It’s tough to shoot that percentage from three. They made some tough, contested [three-pointers] and just shot the lights out. It was almost a historical NBA three-point shooting performance."

On if the Lakers thought the Suns three-point shooting would cool down:
"That’s what normally happens, but tonight it didn’t. They just continued to make them."


Lakers Forward Lamar Odom

On how he injured his foot:
"I’m not sure. It’s been aching, especially in the morning. But I’ve been playing a lot of basketball. Hopefully, it’s just wear and tear. Hopefully there is nothing wrong."

On the Suns three-point shooting tonight:
"I think we could close out a little better and get to those shooters, and do a better job of running them off shots. But they shot the ball well. They beat us."


Lakers Forward Pau Gasol

On if he’s okay with losing to a team that shot 40 three-pointers:
"You want a team to settle for 40 [three-pointers] during a game. Obviously, when they make 22 of them it gives you problems because that’s a lot of points. So they shot the ball really well. Most of them were contested so they made some tough shots. They got going, we couldn’t come up with the stops, and they had too much confidence."

On if the Lakers defense needs to adjust to guard the three:
"They had a good shooting night. A historical shooting night, not just a good shooting night. That doesn’t happen very often, as we all know, and it happened tonight. Too bad, and you got to move on and understand that we could have done something different, but I think you live with a team shooting 40 [three-pointers]."



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