Underground streetwear brand KILLLTHEHYPE teams up with Suns for first professional sports collab

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that prove best.

KILLTHEHYPE (KTHLA), an underground streetwear brand based in Los Angeles, knows this better than anyone. The brand’s signature look, which takes team’s logos and flips them upside down, has become a cultural icon, donned by sports and entertainment influencers across the world.

The Phoenix Suns continue to lead the NBA on the court and in cultural collaborations, the latest with KILLTHEHYPE. Just in time for the regular season, the Suns have teamed up with the disruptive streetwear brand to offer fans two unique headwear designs that sync up with the team’s latest uniform styles.

The partnership signals KILLTHEHYPE’s first official collaboration with a professional sports team, creating anticipation for Suns fans and streetwear enthusiasts alike.

Fans can get the new head wear at an exclusive Suns x KILLTHEHYPE drop at the Suns Team Shop on Saturday,October 22 at 9 a.m.

The Suns are committed to bringing the best fans in the NBA the best experiences and collaborations. This drop is the latest example of the Suns reimagination of apparel, blending sportswear with streetwear and teaming up with movers and shakers across the fashion industry, with future collaborations on the way.