Suns Recognized for Groundbreaking Partnership with Footprint

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Suns were awarded with the NBA Changemaker of the Year Award for the 2021-2022 season celebrating their groundbreaking sustainability-focused partnership with Footprint. The NBA presented its Team Partnership Awards yesterday at its annual Team Presidents Meeting in Las Vegas. The Changemaker of the Year award recognizes the best new partnership with an emphasis on an innovative approach in an emerging category, with the winners chosen by NBA league executives and a committee comprised of team representatives from all 30 teams.

Footprint, based in Gilbert, Arizona, is a global materials science technology company focused on creating a healthy planet by reducing dependency on single-use plastics. Announced in July 2021, the Suns’ long-term partnership with Footprint includes arena naming rights, now named Footprint Center, and a commitment to innovation and creating an immersive living laboratory to solve some of the industry’s sustainability challenges. The arena aims to become a center of sustainability by using Footprint’s plant-based fiber alternatives to plastic throughout the venue to build toward a plastic-free arena.

“Partnering with Footprint has enhanced the Suns’ efforts in so many ways. It’s giving us focus and allowing us to evangelize our commitment to sustainability beyond just our goals and Footprint’s goals,” said Dan Costello, executive vice president and chief revenue officer, Phoenix Suns. “We’re honored to be recognized with the league’s Changemaker of the Year Award and look forward to growing this partnership’s impact on the community and the planet by bringing other businesses and fans on this journey to reducing single-use plastic.”

Fans visiting the Footprint Center will find food served in Footprint’s biodegradable, compostable and recyclable solutions as well as educational points about the positive impact of making a switch from single-use plastics in their everyday lives. The Suns and Footprint both recognize the need for third-party vendors and suppliers to get involved and help eliminate single-use plastic and invite them to use Footprint Center as a viable testing ground.

This marks the second time the Suns have won the NBA Changemaker of the Year Award, following their win with PayPal in 2018-2019, when the award first debuted. The award was not issued in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons; making the Suns the only team to have ever received the title.

For more information on Footprint and Footprint Center’s sustainability efforts, please visit footprintcenter.com/sustainability.