NBPA: Chandler Discusses Creative and Global Adventures

by Cody Cunningham

Known as one of the most creative and cultured players in the NBA, Tyson Chandler sat down with NBPA to chat about his plethora of passions and interests

“I really enjoy the landscaping and changing of the seasons as far as the sky goes in Phoenix. Phoenix has some of the most beautiful nights as far as all the colors—orange, grey, purple. So for me, it’s been more so of just looking up, whereas before in various cities I was looking around for inspiration. I’m also trying to find the art scene in Phoenix for inspiration.”

Throughout the piece, Chandler speaks on his passion for photography, traveling, and the issues of being a seven-foot fashionista.

“I got so frustrated with not being able to really nail down the looks that I wanted as a big guy. I wanted to be able to express myself, and it was impossible because I couldn’t buy off the rack.”

The sit-down concludes with Chandler discussing his journey as a United Nations Children’s Fund brand ambassador.

“The kids in the U.S. are learning that they can make a change in the world at such a young age. And you would be amazed that when you sit down with these young kids, they see that they’re actually making a difference in some child’s life across the world.”