Steve Nash Tribute

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

Nash by the Numbers:
15.5 PPG
11.5 APG
3.3 RPG
.502 FG%
.431 3p%
.887 FT%


May 8, 2005:
MVP presentation

Feb. 19, 2005:
Steve's heady assist

Feb. 17, 2005:
Nothin' But Nash

Training Camp '04:
Soccer Steve

Sept. '04:
Nash door-to-door

Suns TV Spot:
Nash working hard

July 14, 2004:
Suns sign Nash


What is the most valuable quality Steve Nash has brought to the Suns?

What is the most valuable quality Steve Nash has brought to the Suns?

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Video: Watch the full MVP press conference now

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

Nash Named Most Valuable Player

It's official! Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash was named the 2004-05 NBA Most Valuable Player during a press conference at America West Arena on Sunday. After leading the Suns to the third largest turnaround in league history, Nash becomes just the second MVP in franchise history (Charles Barkley, 1992-93) and the first point guard to win the award since Magic Johnson in 1990.

  • Press Conference: Video I Transcript
  • Bordow: Nash won the award for his game, not race

  • Joe Gilmartin: This MVP, an unbelievable story
  • Tribune: Nash never dreamed of winning MVP
  • Rewind: Barkley wins 1992-93 MVP


    May 7, 2005: Suns in spotlight; Nash to win MVP
    April 30, 2005: Nash reminds teammates to stay focused
    April 26, 2005: Nash wins MVP vote from fans
    April 18, 2005: MVP talk: Nash, O'Neal neck and neck
    April 5, 2005: Nash wins sportsmanship award
    March 30, 2005: Nash records triple-double
    March 30, 2005: Bruce Hornsby stops by to see Nash
    March 22, 2005: Suns let Nash's play speak for itself
    March 22, 2005: Two-man game gives Suns options
    March 22, 2005: D'Antoni talks Nash during radio show
    Feb. 20, 2005: Will Nash be shortchanged for MVP?
    Feb. 19, 2005: Nash wins Playstation Skills Challenge
    Feb. 19, 2005: Nash Skills Challenge press conference
    Feb. 10, 2005: Nash named to Skills Challenge
    Feb. 8, 2005: Three cheers for Suns All-Stars
    Feb. 8, 2005: Marion, Stoudemire, Nash named All-Stars
    Jan. 23, 2005: Nash admits rehab snapped his stamina
    Jan. 18, 2005: Nash, Barbosa injured in practice
    Jan. 18, 2005: Suns need to find way to save Nash
    Jan. 15, 2005: Nash won't play until thigh is 100 percent
    Dec. 27, 2004: Nash Named NBA Player of the Week
    Dec. 27, 2004: Nash assist streak alive and well
    Dec. 23, 2004: Nash simplifies late-game play calls
    Dec. 22, 2004: Nash co-starring with Stoudemire
    Dec. 1, 2004: Nash named November Player of the Month
    Nov. 28, 2004: Selfless Nash making all Suns better
    Nov. 26, 2004: Playmaker Nash spreads scoring wealth
    Nov. 24, 2004: Summer regimen credited for Nash's start
    Nov. 5, 2004: Nash key to road improvement
    Oct. 8, 2004: Nash is taking the lead
    Oct. 5, 2004: Surprised but happy, Nash is a Sun again
    July 18, 2004: Nash deal nice lesson for Sarver
    July 14, 2004: Suns sign Steve Nash
    July 15, 2004: Suns rejoice in return of Nash
    July 15, 2004: Nash appreciates being wanted
    July 14, 2004: Turning Point; The true story behind the Suns' full court press on Steve Nash
    July 14, 2004: Suns introduce Steve Nash
    July 14, 2004: Press release on Nash signing
    July 13, 2004: Suns players thrilled by Nash signing
    July 2, 2004: Suns pry Nash away
    August, 1996: The Canadian Kid


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    "Priceless. It's like the commercial. His contract is for $60 million, but I don't think you can put a price tag on what he does."
    - Mike D'Antoni

    "He makes the game very easy for his teammates... He’s a true point guard."
    - Tim Duncan

    "They have a lot of individual talent, but Steve Nash is the motor that makes the car run."
    - Jermaine O'Neal

    "He doesn’t care about the fanfare... He enjoys playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played."
    - Jim Jackson

    "He is probably one of the hardest players I’ve played against since I’ve been in this league."
    - Gilbert Arenas

    "Get in the paint, make plays, score; anything we need, he’s always there to do it for us."
    - Joe Johnson

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