Nothin’ But Questions for Nash

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital
Posted: Feb. 28, 2006

Just before the All-Star break, Suns guard Steve Nash was a guest of Cedric Ceballos and Jamie Morris on’s weekly talk show, Nothin’ But Net. Unfortunately, the reigning MVP had to rush off to catch the team charter and we were only able to have him respond to a couple of the hundreds of e-mail questions sent in for him. caught up with Nash in Houston during All-Star Weekend and asked the Western Conference’s starting point guard a handful of the questions we did not get to. The following are his responses to those questions.

Allen, Victoria, BC: I played soccer against you from the ages of 11 to 17 and I also played basketball against you from junior high to your senior year. Both myself and many others around the Victoria soccer scene who played against you still maintain that you are "by nature", a better soccer player than basketball player. What do you think?

Suns guard Steve Nash: Maybe by nature. I’ve played soccer since I was born and basketball was something I picked I later and really had to work at to be a good player. Soccer is more natural since I’ve played it since a young age.

Mike, Richmond, BC: I saw you play at the BC high school tournament, your team won the championship and you were the MVP. Now to think that you’re the MVP in the NBA (you deserved it last year and also this year) is simply great. Seeing you run the suns is as exciting as "show time" with magic. How do you manage to have the time to look at up to three options in that split second you are driving to the basket?

Nash: I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. I think a lot of that is instinctive and a lot of that is from experience, too. I’ve been doing it everyday for years, so it’s one of those things I think that’s hard to put into words.

Paul, Pittsburgh: I was wondering how it was like playing with Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd. Did the three of you share advice, especially directed towards you since you were a rookie at the time? What did they tell you that helped you become who you are and get you started in the right track?

Nash: Well, I learned a lot. They were both so confident in their abilities and taught me to be at their level you had to believe in yourself.

Maria, Trinidad: What methods are you using to learn Spanish and is it difficult for you to learn Spanish as an adult?

Nash: I don’t have any secretive methods, I’m just trying to pick up as much as I can. Our nanny speaks only Spanish, so I guess that’s probably how I learned most of it, trying to get by and talking to her.

Gary, Yountville, CA: I loved watching you at Santa Clara university. Is it true that you liked to dribble a tennis ball around campus for dexterity, or are we talking myth that legends are made of? Go suns and Bronco's!

Nash: No, it was a bit of a legend, certainly not an everyday thing.