Shawn Marion All-Star Memories

Upon his triumphant return from Atlanta and his first All-Star appearance, Shawn Marion shared some of the weekend's most memorable moments with as he gears up for the second half of an already successful 2002-03 NBA campaign. Overcrowded parties and horrible traffic problems did not keep the fourth year forward from enjoying the excitement and challenge that the league's showcase event had to offer.

SUNS.COM: Before the Weekend Stephon Marbury said that you wouldn’t really feel like an All-Star until the official pre-game introductions. What was that like?

SHAWN MARION: It was just great. It’s what you dream of, being there as an All-Star. I just wanted to go out there and make the best of it. I was just in a total daze, it was so exciting. I can’t even explain it.

SUNS.COM: Did you attend any of the famous All-Star weekend parties?

MARION: I hung out with a few people, but it was just so overcrowded just to get anywhere, it was crazy. It was basically a waste of time when I went out because by the time I got to the spot I only had 30 minutes to an hour or so to enjoy it.

SUNS.COM: Did you get a chance to meet any celebrities?

MARION: I know a lot of celebrities as it is. I hang with them during the summer, so it’s not like I didn’t know them already.

SUNS.COM: How did you enjoy the halftime festivities at the Rookie Challenge game where you “coached” a fan that took a half-court shot for a million dollars?

MARION: It was cool. I wish the dude would have hit the shot, but he shot from such a far away angle that nobody would be able hit that. Everybody wanted him to go for the half-court shot. I would have gone for the million dollars too, I don’t care what it was. I would have prayed it went in. I wish he would have hit it, though. It was a good experience.

SUNS.COM: What was it like for you to have a teammate with you on the All-Star roster?

MARION: It was cool. With me and Steph representing the same team, this organization, it doesn’t get any better than that. When you have two guys from the same team, you just seem to enjoy yourself even more.

SUNS.COM: How did it feel to defend Michael Jordan?

MARION: It was a great experience and a great challenge to be put in the situation to guard him at the end of the game. One of the highlights of the whole trip was seeing the halftime tribute to him and watching him as an All-Star. Watching the dedication to him at halftime was the best.

SUNS.COM: What was it like to watch Amare Stoudemire in the Slam Dunk competition?

MARION: We were up there pumped up for sure. We wanted him to win. Those other boys have some stuff, though. Amare needs to get some of that stuff down and he’ll be ready to go next year.

SUNS.COM: Did you get to keep your uniform or any other mementos from the weekend?

MARION: We get to keep all that stuff. They’re going to send us everything pretty soon. I’m going to get my shoes and frame the uniform.

SUNS.COM: Any final thoughts about the weekend in general you would like to share?

MARION: The traffic. That’s the one thing I’ll never forget. It was terrible man, just horrible.


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