Colangelo, Kidd Speak

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

Posted: Jan. 19, 2001

Following is the transcript from a press conference involving Suns CEO Jerry Colangelo and guard Jason Kidd regarding Kidd's Jan. 18 arrest on a misdemeanor domestic abuse charge.

Jerry Colangelo, Phoenix Suns chairman, CEO and managing general partner:
The purpose of this press conference is to accommodate the media and respond to all the questions. When this press conference is over we are not going to be responding to any more questions because there are limitations as to what can be said and what should be said at this particular time. I would hope you would respect that. Jason has a statement to make.

Jason Kidd, Phoenix Suns point guard:
There is an issue as a family and personally. ... I have issues that I have to work on. There was an incident that took place last night involving my wife. I love my wife. I love my family. This is a situation that is embarrassing to me, to my family, my friends and also to the Phoenix Suns. I apologize for that and at this time that is pretty much all I can say.

Is this the first time this has ever happened?

At this point I really can't answer any more questions in detail. This is not appropriate.

Jason cannot add anything more at this time to what he said. He has gone on record and admitted something took place. He's admitted he has some problems to work through with his wife who he cares for and loves. He loves his wife and his family and he's embarrassed by the whole situation.

What I can add to this is very simply, we talk about a process, and there is a process that takes place. Again, we are into this process. The process must take its course and only after that can we do what we need to do.

It is something that as an organization we are on record as far as how we feel as an organization and a community. We think domestic violence is something that is a societal problem.

Joumana and Jason are very special people as far as the Phoenix Suns are concerned. Joumana has been a very big part of this Phoenix Suns family and we care about both of them very much. We know they love each other. We know there are issues that have to be worked out. They need the time to make that happen. This is a family situation. They are trying to work through this themselves, but there is a process and we must protect the process.

What will Jason's playing status be? Will there any actions until those things are resolved?

There will be a decision made this afternoon as to what is in the best interests of their family. So I can't give you answer to that at this particular time, but we'll make that decision.

You said there is a process. Where are you in this process right now, as you understand? Are there any charges filed or pending?

I heard from Jason last night at about 6:15. The incident supposedly took place at 5:30 I think, according to the police report. But that's really all I can really say about the process. We don't know what comes next in terms of what's going to be filed, what kind of charges, if any. I don't know. I don't think anyone can answer those questions at this point.

You said Jason's playing status would be determined by the family. Does that mean Jason will be making that decision or you or both of you?

What I'm really saying is the last thing I'm concerned about is the Phoenix Suns and the game tonight. I want to do what is in the best interests of Joumana and Jason Kidd as it relates to his playing tonight. It's a very sensitive issue for both of them and we will talk about it.

How is Joumana doing?

I think she is struggling and going through a very, very difficult time, searching herself right now for what's appropriate.

Jerry, in terms of any long-term discipline suspensions, are you going to wait until the legal process runs through before you make any decision past tonight?

I remember answering these questions recently, and unfortunately people want to get to the end result right now. In other words, "What are you going to do about it?" Well, the best thing we could do about it is to help some people to work through the issues and the problems. I have a lot of things swirling through my mind about circumstances, but I think it's totally inappropriate ... Not to be asked, but for us to consider what happens down the road. I'm really concerned about their relationship. That's all that really matters today.


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