Suns, Chances For Children, Team Up to Aid Haiti

Posted: January 15, 2010

The Phoenix Suns have joined forces with Chances for Children, a local organization that works to save the lives of children living in poverty in Haiti, to aid in the ongoing relief efforts of the Caribbean nation.

“Everyone in the Phoenix Suns family has been profoundly touched by the situation unfolding in Haiti,” said Robert Sarver, Managing Partner of the Suns. “We have partnered with a home town organization with a track record of delivering on-the-ground services in Haiti to make an immediate difference in this international crisis.”

The Suns organization is making an initial donation of $20,000 and is encouraging the best fans in the NBA to join in the effort by making an online donation to Chances for Children. Every dollar donated will provide immediate relief by supplying basic life necessities such as food, water and medicine, to those displaced by the massive earthquake that devastated the country on January 12.

“If we can all respond and give with our hearts in an urgent manner we can literally save lives in the next days and months to come,” said Craig Juntunen, Chairman for Chances for Children.

Chances for Children provides the financial and strategic support for an adoption center named Crèche Enfant de l’Jèsus (CEJ) located in the small village of Ti Mache, east of Port au Prince, Haiti. The 14,000 square foot facility was created in 2003 and is currently home to 70 children. The organization provides each child with a safe and sane sanctuary to return them to a healthy state. The children are fed, clothed, bathed, developed educationally and loved while they wait for a family to adopt them.

While Chances for Children is a newly formed 501(c)3 organization the organization has partnered with a team in Haiti who have been active in the local community for years, ensuring immediate results.