Dudley Makes Good on Dunking Pledge

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

By Stefan Swiat, Suns.com
Posted: April 21, 2011

When the Suns acquired swingman Jared Dudley in December of 2008, they inherited a player that wasn't particularly known for his athleticism.

Eager to improve and develop healthy habits, Dudley followed the training and dietary advice offered to him by veterans Steve Nash and Grant Hill, shedding 15 pounds during the past offseason.

After tallying only three dunks last season, the affable off-guard pledged to throw down 10 slams this season. Remaining nearly shut out until mid-February, Dudley uncorked nine dunks in the last two months of the season to finish with 10 dunks on the campaign.

So where did the motivation come from?

"I told (Michael) Jordan that I’d start dunking more because I wanted to sign with (the Team Jordan brand) after the season was over," Dudley said. "He said he wanted a dunker."

That’s why the arena's scoreboard showed Jumpman symbols after Dudley's dunks throughout the season. Although he'd also like to get a few lob opportunities, Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry isn't sold on alley-oops for Dudley just yet.

“We do it in practice, but come game time, Alvin gets real shaky and nervous,” Dudley said. "So he doesn’t (call for them)."

Knowing Dudley's penchant for offseason development, Gentry may have to add that to the playbook next year. But without further ado, here are all 10 of Dudley's amazingly average dunks...


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