Devin Booker: Ten Questions with NBPA

by Cody Cunningham
This past weekend while in New York City, NBPA writer Jared Zwerling sat down with Booker to break down his unique evolution on and off the court in only his second NBA season. On soaking up the increased media attention, Booker states:
“I’m enjoying the whole process. I want to be a great player in this league and I know media comes with it. So it’s just gaining support from other people all across the world, impacting a lot of peoples’ lives—not just in the states, but it’s all across the world. That’s what means the most to me.
I know a lot of people across the world follow me. I see people tweet at me in Chinese, people tweet at me in Spanish. So I need to hit the translate button now to see what they say. I’m working on my Spanish. I need to work on my Mandarin for business, they say. We had the chance to go down to Mexico City and I gained a lot of fans there. So it’s crazy the impact that you can have on somebody’s life just playing the sport that you love.”
The article ranges from Booker’s preparation for the big moment, analyzing other top shooting guards, and becoming a community leader. Click here to read Devin Booker Breaks Down His Fast Ascension Among the League’s Elite.