#NashROH: Suns Wearing Custom Steve Nash Socks Friday Night

You've already seen the amazing socks the Suns will wear this season thanks to the folks at Stance Hoops.

These ones, however, take the cake.

In honor of Steve Nash's induction into the Suns Ring of Honor on Friday, October 30, the team will wear Stance socks with Steve Nash's face on them. 


The Suns will be the first ever NBA team to wear a player's image during a game. We caught up with Suns Equipment Manager Jay Gaspar for the details.

Suns.com: Take us through the design (which we love, by the way). What stands out to you?

Jay Gaspar: When it was announced that we were inducting Steve Nash into the Ring of Honor, I knew it would be a special night and I wanted to try something different. I knew Stance is known for designing socks with images of athletes. They haven’t done anything like this on a performance sock, only casual. I had no idea if it would even be allowed by the NBA.

The first step was to contact the league office for approval, and if they said yes, take the idea to the people at Stance. Stance and the NBA were very excited about the idea, and the rest is history. Stance took the ball and ran with it. Thank you very much to the people at Stance for creating these in such a tight timeframe.

Obviously, the image of Steve licking his fingers stands out. As we all know, he was famous for doing that and then brushing his long hair behind his ears. Stance sent me three images to choose from, and that was a no brainer. The color was chosen to go with the uniform we will wear Friday, which is orange.

Suns.com: Have the current players seen them yet? If so, what have their responses been like?

Jay Gaspar: The thing is, only a few players have seen the socks. They have been under wraps for a while...until today.

The ones that have seen them, love them. In fact, Markieff Morris saw them and said, "That is respect for Stevie."

Suns.com: What do you think Steve will say?

Jay Gaspar: Knowing how humble Steve is, he won’t make a big deal about it. He might just make a crack to me about the image.

A very limited quantity will be available to purchase at the Suns Team Shop inside Talking Stick Resort Arena on Friday, October 30.