All The Luv Wings - Phoenix Suns Partnership
Bringing The Heat
Suns partnership with All The Luv Wings ups the flavor for fans with Suns Special Sauce

The final buzzer blows. The music is cranked up and the gigantic center hung scoreboard at the transformed Phoenix Suns Arena illuminates with "Suns Win!" As the fans exit, they receive a parting gift along with the memories of another victory: three free wings from All The Luv Wings with the purchase of a medium order of fries.

With the 43-18 Suns holding the second-best record in the Western Conference and preparing for their first playoff run in more than a decade, fans have enjoyed numerous Suns wins — and a healthy amount of the best wings in town, courtesy of the team's thriving partnership.

"We started this company, this brand, here locally in Arizona," co-owner Cianna Kirksey said. "It means everything to us to have the recognition with the NBA and the Phoenix Suns. It's a great platform for us to begin, and I think it'll be a great partnership moving forward."

When Cianna and Mike Kirksey began creating the idea for All The Luv Wings, they did not have a lick of restaurant experience. Instead, the husband-and-wife team were emboldened by their passion for cooking and love for their community — and tasty chicken wings, of course.

What's the secret, you may ask? The sauce, of course!

"It's all about the taste," co-owner Mike Kirksey said. "We wanted to have more color, more flavor than anyone else. We really just brought our home kitchen to the restaurant. It's home cooking. Several of our sauces are secret, proprietary sauces that you can only get at All The Luv Wings, and we are always striving to bring the freshest homemade sauces to our customers to keep them coming back for more." In partnership with the Suns, the Valley's original professional sports team is helping add to the secret ingredient of All The Luv Wings' success with an all-new sauce, the Suns Special.

Featuring a secret blend of All The Luv Wings' homemade ranch, mild buffalo sauce and garlic parmesan, the Suns Special is available at every All The Luv Wings locations. Suns assistant coach Willie Green recently met up with Mike and Cianna Kirksey to test his hand at slingin' wings and get a taste of the new sauce featuring the team's namesake.

"Sitting there, while enjoying some wings, we shared our story with coach Willie Green and he said how inspired he was to hear our journey," Mike Kirksey said.

The first All The Luv Wings first opened its doors in Chandler, Arizona in 2012 with the goal of defining how wings should be made and served. All The Luv Wings rose above the standard and set itself aside from other traditional and corporate-driven establishments offering wings as a "second item." The dedication to the craft paid off. Now with 19 locations and countless awards to the brand's name, it's safe to say All The Luv Wings are doing something right.

The Kirksey's efforts have helped All The Luv Wings flourish as more locations open across the Valley, and soon, at Phoenix Suns Arena – something Mike dreamed of for nearly a decade.

"I always said we were going to get into the arena when we first opened in 2012," Mike Kirksey said. And now that goal becoming a reality as All The Luv Wings is an inaugural concessionaire in the new Fry's Eatery opening later this season. Located on the expanded upper concourse, The Eatery will be a new family-friendly food court featuring a wide variety of local restaurateurs, offering fans a taste of the great food that Phoenicians have come to expect along with bountiful seating and social spaces to enjoy during breaks in the action.

The partnership between the Suns and All The Luv Wings goes beyond the kitchen, the arena or the hardwood. It meets at the intersection of shared core values: integrity, family, commitment and love to the community.

As a Black-owned small business rooted in Arizona's culture, the owners of All The Luv Wings recognize the platform they have. They also feel blessed to continue on through one of the most challenging years for local restaurants.

"Given everything that has been going on, we are honored to be an employer and be able to provide a place of security for our staff," Cianna Kirksey said "… We've actually seen an increase in business during this pandemic. We're very humble and very grateful for that."

"It's allowed us to keep pushing, keep moving forward and continue extending our platform — including our partnership with the Phoenix Suns — to put our name out there and what we stand for, what we stand for and who we represent."

With the second half of the NBA schedule well underway, the Suns and All The Luv Wings will keep bringing the heat on and off the court. Every game matters in the loaded Western Conference, and every Suns victory comes with free wings thanks to All The Luv Wings.


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